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8 July 2009 Issue

1. Activist Outreach

2. Reflection on the Lectionary

3. This week’s sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

4. The July-August Peaceable Table is now online

5. Upcoming Leafleting Opportunities

1. Activist Outreach

Thomas writes:

The priest of the local Cath. church reviewed a copy of the DVD “honoring God's Creation,” and he wants me to obtain for him copies for all his staff & rectory.

Here’s a thought: I believe the reason a lot of kids and Christian youth have turned towards Eastern religions is that Buddhism and Hinduism actively promote nonviolence and vegetarianism. I'm convinced the way to win back such converts or to prevent further converts is to make youth aware that Christ is available in this way-the nonviolent way of mercy to animals. This is something I believe was lost to modern Christians somehow. Anyway I believe this DVD has great potential. As a matter of fact I gave copies also to some former Christians who are now Hare Krishnas and who are strict vegetarians, and they were very impressed and wish they have seen this DVD 20years ago. Anyway, thanks.

2. Reflection on the Lectionary

Amos 7:7-15

July 12

Amos prophesied the destruction of Israel on account of its sinfulness. Previously, Amos had envisioned locusts, fire, and ruthless invaders, but in verse 7 he describes a plumb line, which is a benign entity. Most likely, the plumb line represents definitive judgment, because the plumb line is steady, direct, and definitive as it hangs for purposes of measurement.

Amos was speaking to a community that was similar to our own. Amos’ people were focused on self-indulgence and thought little about the sinfulness in their own lives or in their communities. They were sowing the seeds of self-destruction, and they had little patience for a prophet of gloom and doom. By analogy, for decades scientists have warned that contemporary lifestyles have been depleting natural resources and raising global temperatures. Yet there has been little more than token efforts to avert catastrophe. Even Al Gore, perhaps the leading voice on the dangers of the greenhouse effect, finds himself unable to leave a small carbon footprint on the earth. He is not even willing to give up eating meat and other animal products – a simple and important step toward curbing global warming. Though we should not judge humanity on the choices of one person, I think it is remarkable that, as best I can tell, 1) the leading critics of Gore’s lifestyle are those who deny that humanity is contributing to rising world temperatures (or that global warming is even real!), and 2) few environmentalists who are not also animal advocates have called for plant-based diets as important responses to the problem.

Like Amos, we (as faithful Christians) have been called to prophesy. Even though we cannot force people to listen, we must warn a self-indulgent, hard-hearted populace that they must repent and change their ways or face the wrath. The wrath doesn’t come from God; the wrath is the misery we cause each other. Christianity teaches about God’s love and forgiveness, which should inspire us to act with love, compassion, and mercy. Expressing God’s love and forgiveness is the path toward personal and communal salvation. In contrast, when we seek to domineer over weaker individuals (human and nonhuman) in order to satisfy sensual desires or give “our” group a sense of superiority, we are sowing the seeds of humanity’s destruction just as assuredly as the plumb line points directly to the ground.

Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.

3. This week’s sermon from Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

The War Within

4. The July-August Peaceable Table is now online

Contents include:

Fay Elanor Ellwood reflects in a Letter on the challenge of finding that others can look at scenes of violence against animals and not be moved enough to want to make changes.

The Glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom shows a nursing cat who has taken in a number of alien babies along with her own infants into her circle of compassion.

Ginger Tamari Stir-Fry, one of Angela Suarez' Recipes, is just right for summer – nutritious yet light and savory.

Jim Frieden, this month's Pilgrim, never expected a revelation – but extraordinary things took place after he stopped consuming all animal products.

To read this issue, go to http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue56.html.

Gracia Fay Ellwood


5. Upcoming Leafleting Opportunities.

7/15-18 MN Willmar Sonshine Christian Rock Festival

7/17-18 OH Cleveland Women of Faith Conference

7/17-18 MO St. Louis Men at the Cross Conference

7/17 TX Ft. Worth Point of Grace Christian Concert

7/18 IL Schaumburg Ignite Chicago 09' Christian Rock

7/18 MO Kansas City HeartFest Christian Rock Festival

7/18 LA Baton Rouge Franklin Graham and the Rock the River

7/18 LA Baton Rouge Billy Grahams Rock the River Tour

7/18 OH Dayton Point of Grace Christian Concert FREE

7/18 OH Columbus Sonicflood Christian Rock Concert

7/19 IL Schaumburg Relient K Christian Rock Group

7/20 CO Loveland Casting Crowns Christian Rock Concert

7/22-25 WA George Creation 09 Northwest

7/23 TN Knoxville Salvador Christian Rock Concert

7/24 GA Atlanta Men at the Cross Conference

7/24 NC Sanford Sonicflood Christian Rock Concert

7/24 CA Redlands Phil Wickham Christian Rock Concert

7/25 CA Irvine FishFest Christian Rock Festival

7/25 MA Worcester Salvador Christian Rock Concert

7/28-8/5 IL Belleville 66th Annual Healing & Hope Novena

7/29-8/1 NH Gilford TABLE Soulfest 2009 Christian Music

7/29-8/2 CA Monterey Ammunition Conference

7/30-8/1 MO Grandview Int'l House of Prayer-Fascinate 2009

7/30-8/1 CA Monterey Spirit West Coast Christian Rock Fest

7/31-8/1 CO Boulder Promise Keepers Men's Conference

7/31 NY New York Newsboys Rock The Sound Concert

8/1 PA Shippensburg Phil Wickham Uprise Festival

8/2 MO St Louis Billy Graham: Rock the River Tour

8/2-5 NY Darien Park Kingdom Bound Festival

8/2 NY Darien Center Salvadore Christian Rock Concert

8/3-7 FL Orlando Assemblies of God: 53rd General Council

8/6-7 IL Barrington Amer. Baptist Church Leadership Summit

8/8-9 IL Peoria Promise Keepers Men’s Conference

8/8 IA Davenport Billy Graham Rock the River Tour

8/9 TX Rio Grande Valley Joel Olsteen A Night of Hope

8/14-15 MN Winsted Higher Ground Music Festival

8/14 ND Bismarck Phil Wickham Christian Concert

8/16 WI Eau Claire Phil Wickham Christian Concert

8/16 MN St Paul Billy Grahams Rock the River Tour

9/5 NJ Frenchtown Resilient K Christian Rock Group

9/11-12 TX Waco Just Give Me Jesus Angel Ministries

9/12 CA San Francisco Power to the Peaceful Festival

9/12 CA Chula Vista Switchfoot Christian Rock Concert

9/16-19 TN Nashville 2009 AACC Grace and Truth World Conf.

9/19 NY Albany TABLE NY's Capital Region Vegetarian Expo

10/2-3 MI Grand Rapids Hearts at Home Conference

10/3-4 CA San Francisco TABLE World Vegetarian Festival

10/16-18 CA Burbank Healthy Lifestyle Expo

10/16-18 CA Burbank Healthy Lifestyle Expo

11/7-9 WI Milwaukee Call To Action 2008 National Conference

11/13-14 MN St Paul The Christian Community Fair    

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com  if you can to help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/.

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