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Update Newsletters
12 Apr 2009 Issue

1. Revision of the CVA Booklet – Comments Welcomed
2. Praise for Guided by the Faith of Christ
3. April Issue of The Peaceable Table
4. Today’s Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

1. Revision of the CVA Booklet – Comments Welcomed

In late 2009 or early 2010 we’ll be printing more of our booklet, which is currently entitled Are We Good Stewards of God’s Creation (http://www.christianveg.org/honoring.htm ). Each year, we distribute about 150,000 booklets at Christian concerts, revivals, and other events. It’s original title was What Would Jesus Eat … Today?, and the previous title was Honoring God’s Creation. I’ve been thinking about being a little more direct with our message, and I propose the following titles:

1. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? [subtext: Perhaps not. Here’s why.]

2. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? [subtext: We don’t think so. Here’s why.]

3. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? [subtext: Jesus would choose healthy, nutritious, tasty foods that don’t unnecessarily harm God’s earth or God’s animals.]

4. Would Jesus Eat Meat Today? [subtext: Not if he’s really the Prince of Peace!]

The last subtitle is most provocative, but perhaps we need to shock people out of their slumber. Italicizing “Today” is meant to sidestep the question of whether or not Jesus ate meat 2000 years ago.

Which title/subtext do you think is best? Any other suggestions? Are there other aspects of the booklet you would change? Please send comments to cva@christianveg.org .

2. Praise for Guided by the Faith of Christ: Seeking to Stop Violence and Scapegoating by Stephen R. Kaufman, M.D.
(available at www.christianveg.org/books.htm ).

Joelle writes: The book is outstanding, and its historical approach explains so much of what before seemed unexplainable. I was always wondering how Christianity could defend non-violence towards humans and especially animals when the Old Testament seemed to me horrendous with all its tales of genocides of whole tribes, killing of women and children, slavery, pitiless exploitation of humans and animals, cheating and deceit, injustice, hatred, pettiness, revenge, murder, adultery, etc.

Even though I was raised in France as a catholic, going to church every Sunday and studied Christianity in my weekly catechism classes, I gave up Christianity at the age of sixteen due to not finding appropriate answers to violence and suffering, and I searched for the Truth in oriental philosophies such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. I practiced Bhakti yoga (the yoga of devotion to God) also called Vaishnavism (a monotheist school of thought) for 30 years, attracted by the notions of reincarnation, self-realization, non-violence, compassion, and especially vegetarianism.

This book is opening my eyes to an understanding of the Bible much more fitting my views of a good, just, loving God extending care to all living entities (fauna and flora), not just to humans. This is the first time that a book about Christianity has appealed to me so greatly. I hope that it will be widely read and will affect the lives of many people.

3. April Issue of The Peaceable Table

Contents include:

* One of the NewsNotes reports that an Animal Caucus to push for welfare legislation has been formed in Congress .

* In Glimpses of the Peaceable Kingdom we have links to two short videos of cats and rodents forming fast friendships.

* The Recipes promise a delicious Bohemian Style Pasta Sauce and a tasty and filling Potato-Cauliflower Soup.

* The Pilgrim for April, entrepreneur Jennifer Chaky, who owns an eco-store, tells her story of coming to embrace a compassionate diet.

* The Pioneer is Stephen of Mar Saba, an eighth-century Eastern monk who had a great sensitivity to and love for all animals.

To read this issue, go to http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue53.html.

Comments on this issue and contributions for future ones are always welcome.

In Friendship to all beings,
Gracia Fay Ellwood, Editor

4. Today’s Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Only Believe
http://www.all-creatures.org/sermons97/s15apr90.html .

Your question and comments are welcome

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