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15 Feb 2009 Issue

1. Wolves, Economy, and Faith [letter to the editor]
2. Activist Feedback
3. Today’s Sermon

1. Wolves, Economy, and Faith

To the Editor:

While reading the Guest Opinion, “Wolf facts or faux facts?” (Feb. 6, Daily Inter Lake) one phrase jumped out at me from its sweeping personal attack on Brian Peck: “In these perilous economic times many people could use the food provided by wild game that is wasted on wolves.” Certainly no one should deny that each of us needs to awaken to the ethical responsibility for our neighbor in difficult times.

That is only basic to what it means to be human. But to portray another specie’s natural fulfillment in the larger economy of life as “wasteful,” only perpetuates the economy of human self-interests that enabled today’s crisis. I say this fully recognizing the difficult challenge within my own heart to reconcile predation with my longing for a peaceful kingdom. But demonizing the wolf is an ancient and not too subtle attempt to disown our human responsibility to live within the boundaries of the earth. It should be obvious by now that the faith of most of the establishment economists in deregulation, tax cuts for corporations and the rich, and that wealth gathered at the top trickles down, is broken. Alan Greenspan, the former head of the Federal Reserve, now admits that the widespread faith in our particular form of free market economics was blind, and that he did not foresee today’s crisis.

Maybe it is time to shift our faith to the lessons of the larger, authentic, and primal economy of life: The Creation. Faith in the sub-economy we humans have built exploiting nature (and compassion) seems to be imploding all around us. As we watch our paper stocks dwindle because of their disconnect to the biotic stocks of forests, soils, and wildlife, maybe it is an opportune time to reexamine our assumptions which have ignored the limits of natural systems. The idea of an ever expanding economy within a biosphere of fixed size, according to author and physician Lewis Thomas, is “stupidity on the grandest scale.” It may be convenient and cathartic to blame the various wolves of our imagination for our fears, but only hearts transformed by a faith not in separation but as participation in the whole order of being will bring us peace.

Respectfully, Bob Muth

2. Activist Feedback

Ritchie, leafleting at Winter Jam Tour in Columbus, OH on Jan 31, writes: We distributed four boxes of literature as we walked alongside the thousands and thousands of fans snaking their way around the Value City Arena, adjacent to the Ohio State University campus, in sunny, albeit frigid, weather. Linda and I structured our message to match the 11-degree temperature: "Here's something to read that will warm your heart and inspire your soul while you wait for the show to start."

One man, who quickly returned the pamphlet with the reason being that he was a cattle rancher from southern Ohio, accepted it back when I told him I was a member of the Ohio Family Farm Coalition that was working to put an end to livestock factories in the state. He agreed with me that these operations were bad for the environment, the animals, and gave the reputation of farming a black eye.

We also mentioned to those attendees in our age bracket that we met Paul McCartney, a world-famous vegetarian, when he played at this venue. We told Sir Paul that we leaflet for the cause at various Christian-music performances, plus his. He was very appreciative that we were opening the eyes of those who should love and respect animals and the environment as a part of God's creation.   

Upcoming Leafleting Opportunities

2/19 MO, St. Louis Our Lady of Snows

2/20 SC, Columbia Winter Jam Christian Rock Fest

2/20 MD, Salisbury Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

2/20-21 CO, Denver Revolve Tour for Teen Girls

2/21 NC, Greensboro Winter Jam Christian Rock Fest

2/21 VA, Woodbridge Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

2/22 VA, Norfolk Winter Jam Christian Rock Fest

2/22 PA, Williamsport Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

2/23 NJ, Wildwood Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

2/26 FL, Jacksonville Seventh Day Slumber Christian Rock

2/26 FL, Jacksonville The Afters Christian Rock Concert

2/28 FL, Plant City Third Day Christian Rock Concert

2/28 CO, Denver Revolve Tour for Teen Girls

3/1 PA, Bethlehem Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

3/6 TX, Longview Newsboys Christian Rock Concert

3/7 TX, Dallas Fort Worth Newsboys Christian Rock

3/7 TX, Brownfield Seventh Day Slumber Christian Rock

3/13-14 MO, Kansas City Women of Faith Conference

3/21-22 WA, Seattle TABLE Vegfest 2009

3/28-29 WA, Seattle GreenFestival

4/17 GA, Atlanta TABLE EarthDay at Georgia Tech

4/18 TN, Nashville TABLE Earth Day

4/28 TN, Knoxville TABLE EarthFest 2009 FREE

4/19 CA, San Diego TABLE EarthFair 2009

4/23 TN, Nashville 39th Annual GMA Dove Awards

4/26 MO, St. Louis TABLE Earth Day Festival

International Events

4/25 CAN ON Peterborough Green Expo

Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com  if you can to help. To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/christian_vegetarian/ 

3. Today’s Sermon

Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman’s weekly sermon offering:

The Care and Nurture of God’s Love and Faith in the World
http://www.all-creatures.org/sermons97/s16feb92.html .

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