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Update Newsletters
10 Aug 2008 Issue

1. Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman’s Sermon Offering
2. This Week’s Quotation
3. Activist Update
4. August Issue of The Peaceable Table


1. Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman’s Sermon Offering:

Is There any Food more Important than Bread from Heaven?

2. This Week’s Quotation

“After all is said and done, silence is betrayal.”
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

3. Activist Update

Shirley, tabling at SoulFest, writes:
It was an amazing experience. I could hardly sleep last night I was so excited. We have about 27 people signed up for the email list. One of the speakers at the conference spent quite a long time at our booth and says he wants to help us, even offered to help me get a slot as a speaker next year. I gave him one of the CVA CDs as well as the Farm Sanctuary CD. He said he could never see himself giving up meat, but wants to work to end factory farming. Anyway, he was very touched by the plight of animals and couldn't believe that anyone could do what they do on factory farms and get away with it.

Many of the people would stop, look, pick up the literature, and many of those took our literature – mostly women and children, some teenaged boys too, but very few men. The woman in the booth next to us became a vegetarian that day. She was so impressed with our teen volunteers and their testimonies that she swore off meat that day.

4. August Issue of The Peaceable Table

* The Glimpse of the Peaceable Kingdom shows us a blind dog and her devoted seeing-eye cat.

* In one of the NewsNotes we hear that of all countries, Spain -- infamous for its bullfights -- is granting rights to Great Apes.

* Every Creature a Word of God, an inspiring book by two remarkable scholars/activists, is one of those reviewed.

* The Recipes includes a frozen berry-cream treat for canine friends that may tempt any nearby human to take a lick.

* In My Pilgrimage we hear from musician Moby, who has been vegan since his teens.

* Our Pioneer is Alex Hershaft, survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and founder of the abolitionist organization FARM.  

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