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Update Newsletters
29 June 2008 Issue

1. Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman
2. CVA Activism
3. Vegan Relationship Survey
4. New Book by CVA Member
5. Vegetarian Hotel and Resort in Costa Rica

1. Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Our offering for today is:
ARE WE LIVING AS AMBASSADORS OF CHRIST? http://www.all-creatures.org/sermons97/s23jun91.html

2. CVA Activism

Regarding the second day of leafleting at Women of Faith in St. Louis, Rick writes: Today I had to deal with a hostile Scottrade security guard who insisted that I was on their private property and demanded that I go stand on the other side of the street. I informed him that I was on the public sidewalk, that I was not going to leave, and that he could not tell me what to do on public property. He became increasingly aggressive in an unsuccessful attempt to intimidate me, standing quite close while loudly yelling in my face “You are going to go stand across the street!” and “You have been a pain in the ass all day.” I replied that was odd since I’d only been there for an hour and a half and told him to go back in the building and do his job. He said that it was his job to give people a hard time. Once he realized after repeated efforts that he was not intimidating me, he threatened to call the police. I replied to go ahead and call them and he could explain to them why he felt that I shouldn’t be on public property. “Better yet,” I said, “I’ll call them for you” as I took out my cell phone to call. At that point he walked away.

Upcoming Leafleting Opportunities

7/5 - IA - Coralville Salvador Christian Rock
7/6 - TX - Denison Seventh Day Slumber Christian Rock
7/6 - TX - Houston Anberlin Christian Rock
7/7 - KS - Salina Casting Pearls Christian Rock
7/9 - GA - Atlanta Anberlin Christian Rock
7/10 - WI - Oshkosh Lifefest Christian Rock Festival
7/10 - FL - Orlando Anberlin Christian Rock
7/11 - FL - St. Petersburg Anberlin Christian Rock
7/11 - IN - Greenfield Apologetix Christian Rock
7/12 - FL - Miami Anberlin Christian Rock
7/12 - OH - Cincinnati Pillar Christian Rock
7/12 - DC - Washington Women of Faith Conference
7/12 - MO - Jefferson City Apologetix Christian Rock
7/13 - FL - Elkton Anberlin Christian Rock
7/13 - LA - Lake Charles Salvador Christian Rock
7/14 - NC - Charlotte Anberlin Christian Rock
7/17 - CA - Sacramento Salvador Christian Rock
7/17 - MN - Willmar Pillar Christian Rock
7/17 - IL - Rockford Pillar Christian Rock
7/18 - OH - Cleveland Women of Faith Conference
7/18 - NE - Lincoln Casting Pearls Christian Rock
7/19 - IA - Milford Casting Pearls Christian Rock
7/19 - KY - Pikeville Pillar Christian Rock
7/20 - NY - Bellerose Salvador Christian Rock
7/20 - OK - Tulsa Casting Pearls Christian Rock
7/25 - MA - Boston Women of Faith Conference
7/26 - CO - Estes Park Casting Pearls Christian Rock

3. Vegan Relationship Survey

This survey is being conducted by M. Butterflies Katz, who has published several popular articles on vegan subjects, including ‘vegan companies’, ‘vegan-organic gardening’ and ‘feeding your pets vegan’.

The results of the survey will be used to research an article that will be published on-line and in magazines.

Respondents can answer anonymously if they choose. Feel free to circulate this questionnaire to other vegans.

Click on the following link. It is easy and quick (5-10 minutes) and will be sent directly to Ms. Katz. She thanks you for your participation.


4. New Book by CVA Member

Daniel Salomon writes: I have a new book out, which involves Christian animal (rights) entitled Christian Environmental Studies: An Educational Module with Syllabuses and a Sample Lecture. It is now available on Amazon.com Kindle Store. Here, I unveil my vision for creating a Master of Arts Program in Christian Environmental Studies which is full, in-residency, accredited, non-secular, faith-based, Christocentric, and life-affirming. A full description is available on my page at the Kindle Store. Type in key words "Christian Environmental Studies."

Daniel Salomon, n/OEF

5. Vegetarian Hotel and Resort in Costa Rica

Lands of Love has an all vegetarian (vegan offered) hotel and resort in Costa Rica. When booking reservations, CVA members can get a 15% discount by mentioning that they are CVA members and identifying me (Steve Kaufman) as chair. For more information, go to www.landsinlove.com .

Your question and comments are welcome

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