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Update Newsletters
22 June 2008 Issue

1. Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

2. Activist Report
3. Sustaining Membership

1. Sermon by Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman

Our sermon offering for today is: Do You Feel As I Feel http://www.all-creatures.org/sermons98/s20080615.html  

2. Activist Report

Rick Hershey, who leafleted at Women of Faith in St. Louis, writes: We caught a break in the rainy weather just in time to leaflet this most friendly and receptive crowd! Janet, Alex, Mare, Joe and I leafleted about 2600 booklets and could have done more except we exhausted our supply. I did not hear so much as one unpleasant comment. One especially nice woman collected about 100 discarded booklets and returned them to us to redistribute. Two other women each gave an extra ticket for the event to Janet and Mare!

Thanks to everyone for their efforts to make this a success and special kudos to Janet who leafleted with us for the first time and did a great job! To my pleasant surprise, security gave us free run of the grounds in stark contrast to the interference that Scottrade security attempted last year. WOF seemed to have their own security this year; a couple of them asked for booklets early on and one of them later returned one to me. Then they told us we were okay to leaflet as long as we didn’t impede foot traffic; I suspect that they had WOF review the literature and determined it to be suitable.

Thanks again everybody!

3. Sustaining Membership

The CVA offers Sustaining Membership to those paying our $25 annual subscription. In addition to the weekly e-newsletter available to all members, Sustaining Members receive the Take Heart! daily e-messages, which include inspirational comments, biblical commentary, health tips, an advice column, and recipes.

To become a Sustaining Member, go to our membership page, and fill out the form, which will take you to the dues-paying section. Or, you can send a check to CVA, PO Box 201791, Cleveland, OH 44120. Donations to the CVA are tax-deductible.

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