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Update Newsletters
28 April 2008 Issue

1. Humane Religion Magazine
2. Activist Feedback
3. Comments Regarding Cage-Free Eggs
4. Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman Sermon

1. Humane Religion Magazine

Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman announce that they have just published the March - April 2008 Issue of Humane Religion Magazine



Editorial: Why Do We Have to Call Ourselves Humane Religion?

“Blessed Are Those…”

Why Not Debate “Should Jews Be Vegetarians?”

Worse than Mad Cow Disease – “Mad People Disease”

Veganism and the Church

2. Activist Feedback

Tabling at Earth Day in Savannah, GA, Joelle writes:

We had three activists – Liliana, a young mother of 2 children; Colby, student at SCAD; and I. We had books about about the cruelty and pollution of factory farming, vegetarian cookbooks, and booklets.

It was very successful. Forsyth Park was packed with people. We met a good number of vegetarians and serious environmentalists, and we had good discussions with the many people looking at the pictures of factory farms. We gave out 200 Christian Vegetarian Association booklets (Are we good stewards of God's creation) and 200 PETA leaflets.

Upcoming Events

5/1/2008|MS Southaven|Casting Crowns The Altar and The Door Tour

5/1/2008|VA Vienna|Derek Webb Christian Rock Concert

5/1/2008|MO Joplin|Kevin Max Christian Rock Concert

5/1/2008|MO Joplin|Kevin Max Christian Rock Concert

5/2/2008|TN Johnson City|Chonda Pierce Christian Comedy

5/2/2008|IN Indianapolis|Casting Crowns The Altar and The Door Tour

5/2/2008|SC Greenville|Agape Festival Christian Youth Rock Concerts

5/2/2008|TX Houston|Derek Webb Christian Rock Concert (FREE)

5/3/2008|IN Evansville|Casting Crowns The Altar and The Door Tour

5/3/2008|CA Alhambra|Youth Specialties – The Core Youth Conference

5/3/2008|KS Witchita|Youth Specialties – The Core Youth Conference

5/3/2008|MN St. Paul/Eden|Prairie Youth Spec. – Core Youth Conference

5/4/2008|KY Louisville|Casting Crowns The Altar and The Door Tour

5/9/2008|IL Univ. Park|Barlow Girl Christian Rock

5/10/2008|CA Santa Clara|Barlow Girl Great America Spring Celebration

5/10/2008|MO Springfield|Twila Paris Christian Concert

6/21/2008|VA Richmond|(table) Vegetarian Festival 2008

To find out about all upcoming leafleting and tabling opportunities in your area, join the CVA Calendar Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group.christian_vegetarian/ . Read the home page, and then join. You will then be able to log in anytime to identify upcoming events in your region. Contact Paris at christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com  if you might be able to help.

3. Comments Regarding Cage-Free Eggs

I am overjoyed that the British have started buying more free range eggs than battery/caged eggs. Any victory which reduces the suffering of animals is a victory, no matter how small. Sometimes we have to take baby steps before we can take giant steps! Sincerely, Ann Bailey

Any step in the right direction shows an increase of concern for chickens. Certainly, free range is not the ideal. I would prefer that everyone in the world become instantly vegan. But because the problem of abusing chickens in the food industry is so great, we should accept any positive changes made while continuing to advocate for more change.

Alissa Slack

One need only watch this new video and read the accompanying blog (dated November 13, 2007) to understand that free-range is a gross misnomer, designed to extract more money from previously guilt-ridden, now guilt-free consumers. I do not mean that we should stop trying to improve conditions for all embattled animals currently drafted by the "meat militia," only that we should share with the world the miserable reality underlying illusion-laced euphemisms like "free range." And we should shift more of our time and money to fighting for basic legal rights for all sentient beings. Here is the the link to the video and blog:


Susan in Houston

4. Rev. Frank and Mary Hoffman Sermon

Our sermon offering for today is: If You Walk in My Ways…


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