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Update Newsletters
13 April 2008 Issue

1. Reminder about Representing the CVA
2. Regarding Animal Souls
3. Activist Feedback
4. VegE-News

1. Reminder about Representing the CVA

We recently received multiple complaints about activists in Santa Monica, CA who were evidently aggressively confronting passers-by and yelling at people while distributing CVA literature in front of a HoneyBaked Ham store prior to Easter. One person said that his young grandchildren were scared and were visibly upset long after the encounter. I would like to stress that we expect everyone representing the CVA to be respectful with everyone, including those who disagree with us. Our message will undoubtedly trouble many people who seriously reflect on what we are saying, but our message should always be delivered in a respectful manner. To do otherwise not only compromises the Christian principles to which we adhere, but it undermines the message.

2. Regarding Animal Souls

In Genesis 1:21 animals are described as chay nephesh – Hebrew for "living souls" – the same phrase used in Gen. 2:7 to describe humans. This fact is obscured by many translations, including the NRSV, which translates nephesh as "creature" when it refers to animals and "soul" when it refers to humans.

Emma Sloan Harvard Divinity School students, Cambridge MA

3. Activist Feedback

Joelle writes:
I have distributed brochures at several events in South Carolina, including:

-The Animal House Thriftstore, which raises funds for the rescued cats and dogs of the Palmetto Animal League and where I am the manager. - The K9 Pet Expo (all rescued) in Bluffton, SC. - At an information table in front of Savannah, GA’s biggest heathfood store once a month. Many people looked at our materials and discussed a wide range of related topics with me.

The next big event will be in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA on April 22nd for Earth Day with various environmental organizations.

Casey writes:
Leafleting at Lakewood Church on East Sunday, Annetta and I distributed 900 Even if You Like Meat [a Vegan Outreach booklet] and 625 CVA Are We Good Stewards of God’s Creation booklets.

A couple of people stated that they are now vegetarian, one from a CVA and another from a Why Vegan? booklet that they got in the past. Over the years, we have given out about 5,000 CVA booklets, 8,000 WV and a few Even If… booklets in the past. Today we got turned down about 50% of the time, but that was good since it was mainly due to getting it in the past - so that only served as a reminder to stick with the Lent and Good Friday agenda. Many only come to church on holidays.

We leafleted before the service when they trickled in so we would have time to offer one of each booklet per family rather than at the end, when there is a flood of people. There are 10s of thousands at this, the largest church in the country – home of the nationally televised show Joel Osteen. Conveniently, we have a public sidewalk right by the entrance/exit.

4. VegE-News

To view the current or past issues and subscribe, go to www.vege-news.com.  

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