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6 April 2008 Issue

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1. CVA Activism
2. Regarding Animal Souls
3. April Issue of The Peaceable Table

1. CVA Activism

Leafleting at Living Proof with Beth Moore in Jacksonville, FL, Kiki writes,

This was a great event – no rude comments, very polite people, awesome weather. Security gave us some trouble the last 10 min and asked us to go across the arena, which I gladly did because a huge bus was just parking at the same time. We finished passing out all our fliers to the people coming down the bus!

Our eight volunteers distributed eight boxes [2400 booklets].

We are still looking for more volunteers at Pope Benedict's visit to New York and Washington, D.C., particularly:

- Washington D.C. - Thursday, April 17, 10:00 a.m. The pope will offer Mass at the new Nationals Park in Washington. This will be the first non-baseball event in the park, and Catholics from around the country are making plans to attend.

- New York City (The Bronx) - Sunday, April 20, 2:30 p.m. - HUGE! Crowd of 55,000+, at least 10 volunteers needed. Mass at Yankee Stadium will bring this historic visit to a close.

International Ministry

Eziaha Okpor in Nigeria writes, “I want to thank you for the booklets you sent me for leafleting. The program was a huge success, and it gave me the opportunity to inform people about the health, spiritual, economic, and environmental benefits associated to vegetarianism. I do believe that in a shortest possible time we shall have a very strong vegetarian group here in Lagos-Nigeria.

2. Regarding Thea’s Comments on Animal Souls

Sharon writes:

If you believe that God created all living beings, than why would some have souls and others not? It’s preposterous! Anyone who has breath has a soul. The soul in Latin is “anima” and anima means breath. God breathed into every living being, thus every living being has “soul”!

The reason for the Christians teaching that nonhuman animals have no soul is that early in human history, people had a hard time killing animals for food and so the Christians told them not to worry since the animals have no souls.

3. April Issue of The Peaceable Table

* In the Guest Editorial, Pam Ahern of Victoria, Australia tells of two animal handlers she encountered who "looked into the heart of an enemy and found there love and understanding." * The NewsNote describes a rescue of two whales by a smart and compassionate dolphin. * A Film Review describes The Spiderwick Chronicles, one of whose protagonists is an animal-loving vegetarian. * The Pilgrimage this month is not, as it usually is, a journey into nonviolent eating but a story of mutual healing by a raptor and a human being. * In the Poetry feature, "Martins: September" by Walter de la Mare, the narrator reflects on the birds' eagerness and freedom compared with his own earthbound state.

Readers are invited to respond with letters, comments, and submissions or suggestions for future issues.

You can read this issue online at http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue42.html

May compassion embrace the earth.
Gracia Fay Ellwood, Editor. 

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