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Update Newsletters
30 December 2007 Issue

1. Message from a New Member

2. Wake Up Weekend 2008 conference

3. Activist Feedback

4. Letter re: Use of Misleading Terms

1. Message from a New Member:

I found the site through a search engine. This is, by far, the best web site I've ever discovered. I actually turned away from Christianity for a while because I felt I didn't want to be apart of a religion that taught and encouraged animals to be murdered to satisfy human selfish desires. Because of your site, I've learned that Christianity is about love, not harm. Thank you for this site!

2. Wake Up Weekend 2008 conference

Jan 18-19, Grand Rapids, MI

Calvin College, Commons Annex Lecture Hall

Featured speakers include Nathan Runkle (Director, Mercy for Animals), Christine Gutleben (Director, Humane Society Animals and Religion), Dr. Kerri Saunders (author of Ask Dr. Kerrie in VegNews Magazine and The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention), Dr. Stephen Webb (author of Good Eating and On God and Dogs: A Christian Theology of Compassion for Animals), Gracia Fay Ellwood (Editor of The Peaceable Table), Adam Durand (President, Compassionate Consumers), and Paul Krause (VegMichigan). To learn more about this exciting event, go to:

For questions, e-mail

3. Activist Feedback

Denise writes: I was able to leaflet at the Michael W. Smith concert in El Paso, Texas on Friday, December 7, 2007. The evening went well. For the most part, everyone I handed a leaflet to took it, some smiled, some just looked a little confused. I did not have anyone complain or return the leaflet to me – the holiday spirit must have been really high that night! I was able to hand out 150 of the booklets. I do have leaflets left over, which I will save for the next event in El Paso.

4. Letter re: Use of Misleading Terms

Karen Davis to David Irvin re: "Control debate, growers advised"
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 9/22/07.

Dear Mr. Irvin:

You wrote interestingly about a poultry researcher's interest in euphemizing certain terms in order to hide from the public what those terms actually refer to. As for debeaking, it was established by veterinarians in the 1960s that beak trimming is a painful surgery because the beak of a bird is filled with nerves including pain receptors, physical impact receptors, and temperature receptors to the very tip of the beak.

According to the book Beak Trimming edited by Philip Glatz (2005), "The trigeminal ganglia, the site of the first order of sensory neurons that innervate the face and beak, develop when the embryo is two days old" (p. 47).

Commercial Chicken Meat and Egg Production edited by Bell & Weaver (2002) says: "The integument of the chicken (skin and accessory structures, e.g., the beak) contains many sensory receptors of several types allowing perception of touch (both moving stimuli and pressure stimuli), cold, heat, and noxious (painful or unpleasant) stimulation. The beak has concentrations of touch receptors forming specialized beak tip organs which give the bird sensitivity for manipulation and assessment of objects. Beak trimming deprives the bird of normal sensory evaluation of objects when using the beak" (p. 80).

There's more, including the fact that animal scientists Ian Duncan and Michael Gentle state that evidence indicates debeaking can result in phantom limb pain even after the wounded beak has healed. Anyway, I wanted to respond to your article and would have sent a letter to the editor except that the newspaper doesn't take letters from out of state readers, unfortunately.

Thank you for your attention and please feel free to contact me at any time for additional information. Information about debeaking can be found on our website at http://www.upc-online.org/debeaking/

Karen Davis, PhD, President
United Poultry Concerns
12325 Seaside Road, PO Box 150
Machipongo, VA 23405


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