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11 November 2007 Issue

1. While Leafleting, Should We Argue with People?

2. CVA Activism

3. Book Review

1. While Leafleting, Should We Argue with People?
John Camp writes: I see our role as activists as the same -- winning the game is more important than silly arguments with others. To paraphrase Dale Carnegie, the best way to win an argument is by avoiding it. My role when leafleting is not only as a distributor of literature, but as a friendly, mainstream example of an animal rights activist. We're going to win people over not by likening them to Nazis or sadists, but by seeing the best in them and allowing them the chance to seriously consider the animals' plight.

2. CVA Activism
Bruce, tabling for the CVA at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival writes: It went extremely well. I set up my Mac laptop to play the "Honoring God's Creation" DVD all day. Right before the show opened, Linda and her husband Neil showed up. Having them there with me was great, as they were wonderful, talkative, and extremely helpful.

We gave away almost all our free literature, and everyone who stopped by was positive. About 20 people signed up for the e-newsletter.

On the whole, in felt good to be there to (in my words) help more Christians become vegetarians and to help more vegetarians become Christians, and to encourage those who already are both :)

3. Book Review:
Vegan Homestyle: Simple Recipes for Healthy Living by Kay Hansen with a forward discussing the Live-for-Health Wellness Program by Richard A. Hansen, M.D., 2006 250 pp. $24.95 at www.emeraldwellness.com.

This attractive book has a wide range of attractive recipes, ranging from quick and easy to moderately involved. Readers will learn how to make many of their favorite foods, from breads to entrees to soups to desserts. I’ve tried a couple of recipes and they’re good.

Steve Kaufman

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