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Update Newsletters
4 November 2007 Issue

1. Activist Reports and Opportunities

2. Book Announcement

3. November Issue of The Peaceable Table

1. Activist Reports and Opportunities
Ginger leafleting at the annual Halloween Hoot in Decatur, AL writes: There was a fairly good crowd during the time I was there and almost everyone was very receptive re: the leaflets. There was a live Christian rock band playing during the time I was leafleting and I was so filled with peace and joy by the time the event was over that I was positively high! I distributed close to a full box of leaflets.

Betty at Casting Crowns in Springfield, IL writes: This was my first CVA event and the first time I had been at the venue. I prayed before and after the event – not to be standing in rain, for success and open hearts, and in praise.

I arrived at the convention center almost 1 1/2 hours before the event, as the doors opened one hour before the concert started. Just a few people were there for a few moments, and I chatted with a woman around my age who was sitting and reading a book. I thanked her later for being there for moral support. I had 600 pamphlets because I thought I would have a helper. By the time the concert began, I handed out all 600 and could have given out more – especially if I could have covered both sets of doors at all times and approached everyone I saw.

I was often ten feet or so from the auditorium doors and at one point stood in the middle of the lines of people going in – without disrupting traffic – in order to get to more people. There were two security people around, but they either didn't notice me or didn't care. I assume that I was on public property.

Many couples just took one pamphlet for both of them. The lines I used varied, such as "Would you like a pamphlet on compassionate eating?", "Would you like a brochure from the Christian Vegetarian Association?", "Did you get a pamphlet on vegetarianism from a Christian viewpoint?" My own private "rude award" went early in the evening to a 30ish woman who said, "No, I would rather starve and die." I just said, "Oh dear" and moved on to the next person.

Very few people handed these back or didn't want one. I made eye contact and smiled a lot without really thinking much about it, and people were generally very friendly. One woman told me that her 26-year-old daughter is a vegetarian. I said, "That's good". Just a few people mentioned liking meat too much. I said that even reducing meat intake is helpful. I was asked if I feel better eating this way, and I said, "Yes, my digestion is better." Someone said that she didn't know there was a Christian Vegetarian Association. I said that I didn't either but was glad to find it. I don't know if some people understand what "compassionate eating" is, but unfortunately, I think some minds may quickly close if they hear "vegetarian."

Upcoming Leafleting Opportunities

11/14 LA New Orleans Jeremy Camp Christian Rock Concert

11/15 TX Houston Joyce Meyers Conference

11/16 AZ Phoenix Women of Faith

11/16 GA Decatur Derek Webb Christian Concert

11/18 TN Nashville Derek Webb Christian Concert

11/20 OH Columbus Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/21 MI Detroit Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/23 WI Milwaukee Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/25 WA Spokane Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/28 SD Sioux Falls Jim Brickman Holiday Homecoming Concert

11/28 WA Seattle Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/29 OR Portland Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/29 GA Rome Third Day & Jars of Clay Christian Rock

11/30 CA San Francisco Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

12/1 CA San Diego Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

12/1 SC Greenville Third Day Christian Rock Concert

12/2 SC Fayetteville Third Day Christian Rock Concert

12/3 CA Anaheim Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

12/4 CA Los Angeles Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

12/5 AZ Tempe Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

12/7 TX El Paso Michael W. Smith

2. Book Announcement
The Joy of Vegan Baking by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau www.compasionatecooks.com also has her “Vegetarian Food for Thought” podcasts and a DVD.

3. November Issue of The Peaceable Table
The Guest Editorial, by Maru Vigo, tells of her group's campaign to stop plans for a bullring in a Mexico-US border town, and what she learned about the close links between bullfighting and Roman Catholic piety.

* NewsNotes includes an account of the evacuation of an animal sanctuary threatened by the California fires.

* One of the Book Reviews describes ethologist Marc Bekoff's collection of essays reporting his findings, including the propensity of pack animals for fair play in games.

* Recipes includes two tempting soups for chilly fall weather.

* The Pioneer is Martin de Porres, a sixteenth-century St. Francis who loved and healed animals of all persuasions, including humans. You can read this issue at http://www.vegetarianfriends.net/issue37.html.

Light and Love to all,

Gracia Fay Ellwood

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