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Update Newsletters
21 October 2007 Issue

1. Limerick

2. CVA Outreach

3. A Response to a Common Comment

1. Limerick
Here is a clever veg limerick by SusanV, the author of the creative vegan cooking blog http://blog.fatfreevegan.com and Web site www.fatfreevegan.com:

Though a vegan can often be seen

Eating lentils and tofu and beans,

Still when omnivores pass

They invariably ask

"How do you get your protein?"

2. CVA Outreach
Pastors S, Allyssa, Britt, Christina, Christopher, Cris, Don, Ed, Joe, Liz, and Nicole, leafleting at a Toby Mac concert in Ft. Wayne, IN, write:

When we first got to the Toby Mac concert we gave out about 3/4 box of pamphlets. We found it much better when people were leaving. We gave out about 3 1/2 boxes at that point so our total was over 4 boxes [300 booklets in each] of pamphlets.

A few of the parents of our group stayed outside while the youth group attended the concert, and Don reported that he had a couple people approach him very interested in learning about God's creatures and how a veggie lifestyle benefits both people and animals. We had no confrontations from anyone and people were generally polite. We were permitted to be at the front doors and security said if they got complaints of being a nuisance they would have to ask us to take it to the gates. Later on one of the security personnel approached one of the parents and complimented on how polite and behaved our groups was- that was a big feather in our Youth Pastor's hat . . . lol!

We found that the concert was mostly young people, so we were please to get these pamphlets into their hands. One girl started a conversation with one of our girls about how her mom said it would stunt her growth and she would die from iron depletion when she had her monthly. Allyssa told her she was 12 years old and a vegan for 3 years and she is 5'3 and very healthy! Later on she brought her mom by to look at Allyssa and said, “See, she's a vegan and look at how long and pretty her hair is. She’s tall, she’s not pale, and not dead!” LOL! The mom actually took the brochure and said she would learn more about the decision her daughter wants to make!

One girl asked for a couple pamphlets to share with her friends and with their teacher at her school. She goes to a Christian School and wants them to consider a vegetarian menu :-) I referred her to the web address to learn more and to get support.

So all in all it was a great experience! We look forward to working to further this message with y'all in the future!

Blessings from our group!

Upcoming Events

10/26 NC Charlotte Women of Faith

10/26 TX Katy The Afters Christian Rock

10/27 FL Orlando Central Florida Veg Fest (table)

11/2 PA Philadelphia Revolve Tour

11/4 NY Jamestown Natalie Grant Christian Concert

11/7 KS Overland Park Natalie Grant Christian Concert

11/9 MN Minneapolis Revolve Tour

11/10 PA Philadelphia Katina’s Christian Rock Concert

11/11 MS Hattiesburg Toby Mac Christian Rock Concert

11/11 TN Knoxville Derek Webb Christian Concert

11/14 LA New Orleans Jeremy Camp Christian Rock Concert

11/15 TX Houston Joyce Meyers Conference

11/16 AZ Phoenix Women of Faith

11/16 GA Decatur Derek Webb Christian Concert

11/18 TN Nashville Derek Webb Christian Concert

11/20 OH Columbus Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/21 MI Detroit Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/23 WI Milwaukee Anberlin Christian Rock Concert

11/28 SD Sioux Falls J im Brickman Holiday Homecoming Concert

If you can help at any of these events or have interest in other opportunities to help spread the CVA’s message, please contact Paris at Christian_vegetarian@yahoo.com

3. A Response to a Common Comment

“God made animals for our use.”

“I don't think the animals see it that way.”

Your question and comments are welcome

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