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16 September 2007 Issue

Activist Feedback

Featured Video

Question of the Week

1. Activist Feedback
Regarding leafleting at Women of Faith in Atlanta on 8/10 Lorena writes: Wendy, Laura, Eric and I leafleted at the above event yesterday. We distributed 1000 booklets in about 2 hours. For the most part people were receptive. I think women were in a rush to get into the building since it was 102 F. Several people returned the booklet and I don’t think any of us encountered anyone who was disrespectful. Several women also made very encouraging comments such as “This is good material!”, “I’m interested in learning more about this”, “God Bless you for doing what you do”, and Wendy even had a lengthy talk with a woman who wanted to make the transition to a plant-based diet but was unsure about how to meet nutritional needs. Wendy showed her the links to different websites on the back of the booklet.

2. Featured Video
Christian Concern for All God’s Creatures is a documentary based on God's Creatures Ministry's 2006 conference.

Suggested donation is $15.00 (or $55.00 for five). Checks can be made out to God's Creatures Ministry, P.O. Box 322, Wayne, NJ 07474.

A reviewer in the U.K. wrote: There were some very good points in the DVD, such as what animals can teach us, the vision of our being prophets, and practical steps we can all take to improve the situation. I found it very well-balanced on the whole, to the point but not extremist in any way and an ideal length.

I think you have done a really excellent job on this. It must have taken a lot of time, effort, energy and prayer, and probably many sleepless nights, too! You can really be proud of your achievement and many thanks again for sending it.

3. Question of the Week
How should we respond to people who, when offered a CVA booklet, say, “I could never be a vegetarian. I love meat.”? Select replies (with first names identified) will be published in the e-newsletter next week.

Your question and comments are welcome

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