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22 July 2007 Issue

1. Conversation about Sacrifices

2. Activist Report


1. Conversation about Sacrifices

Message to Christianveg from P.E.: How do you reconcile your vegetarian beliefs about God and animals with the ancient sacrifice of animals at God’s temple in Jerusalem (mandated by God, himself)?


Reply: I would not describe my beliefs as "vegetarian beliefs."  One of my core beliefs is that God cares about all God's Creation, including God's creatures.  There is ample biblical support for this conviction, and there is similarly ample support that the Bible prohibits cruelty to animals.  These conclusions alone are enough to take the stance that one should avoid contributing to the inherent cruelties of modern factory farming, if at all possible.  If one believes that God is about love and compassion, as I do, then I don't see how one can envision God regarding modern factory farming and calling it "good."  This view does not preclude certain meat-eating in certain situations, for example people who don't have access to healthy plant-based food or the rare person who needs meat for medical reasons.


About God's role in sacrifices, I don't think the Bible offers a clear, unequivocal view about whether God desires sacrifices, much less why God might want sacrifices.  The later prophets objected to sacrifice, but the prescriptions in Leviticus seem to encourage sacrifices in certain situations.  Never are sacrifices done for the sake of pleasure, which makes them distinctive practices from meat-eating in the U.S.  Most Americans who eat meat do so not because they need to but because they like to.


I hope this satisfactorily addresses your good question.


Steve Kaufman, CVA chair


P.E.: Thanks for your response.  I happen to agree with much of what you said.  God’s laws do include prohibitions against cruelty to animals. 


Yet, it is very clear, if you believe the Bible, that God specifically stipulated when and how animals were to be slaughtered and sacrificed at his temple.  This plainly indicates that God has no objection to the concept of killing animals.  Animal activists often present a message that says meat-eating is sinful, per se.  I believe that is a completely unbiblical position.


Thanks and God Bless. 


2. Activist Report
Anne writes: This is my report on the booth I ran and operated for CVA at 'The Art of Being Green Festival' Lanark Village, Ontario, Canada, July 14th and 15th 2007.


It was the most fun time I have ever had volunteering at any event. I would love to do this again. I don't know the total numbers of visitors who attended the event but they were hoping for about 4,000 people. 


Flo helped me, and she is a very wonderful person with the gift of encouragement and organization. God knew I needed her incredible skills to make it through the event. We laughed and enjoyed the adventure from start to finish. Several other friends came by to say hi and show their support.


I asked, via email, a number of companies to help sponsor the table and in the end Amy's Food Kitchen was very generous to provide coupons for whole meals, plus $1 and 55c coupons off their products. I bought some vegan Amy's food and offered these or a selection of red, green and hot peppers, lavender, thyme, garlic chives or sage plants as prizes. We had an hourly draw. A fun way to hear CVA's name mentioned from center stage every hour, very often by a very clearly spoken Town Crier, all dressed up in his full regalia! The rest of the coupons we encouraged people to take.


One of my very talented daughters helped design and make a large freestanding display board she titled “shape your world one plate at a time.” The display board had pictures of animals with questions about them like; did you know pigs are thought to have intelligence beyond that of an average 3-year-old human child? There were also pictures of famous vegans with their quotes. The display board asked the questions, if there was proof that a vegan diet could make you live longer…   If a vegan diet was good for the environment and reduce global warming…  If you knew that animals felt pain, felt fear and felt love towards their young….  Would you make the change? The rest of the board had information supporting the answers to these questions.  


On the table we also had a basket containing artificial vegetables and a selection of ready-made vegan products. On Saturday, we gave away some vegan muffins and on Sunday we put out a variety of, free, vegan fruit bars.  Behind the table we had a large bamboo screen. So, once we had the CVA booklets out on display along with the framed print of the Strutt “Peace” painting, it all looked very professional on the beautiful green tablecloth.


There was a farm selling a variety of exotic meats and they brought some lambs that they let run about after the Sunday morning worship service. I didn't see them but these adorable creatures brought some people over to our table quite upset.


Nine people signed up for the CVA e-newsletter. Twenty-six other people wanted more information. Several also showed an interest in the vegan potluck group we have going in my home and I promised to send them an invite next time we meet.


Thank you, again, for all the wonderful information booklets you sent to make this table a success.


All for Him,



Upcoming Events


8/1       KY      Louisville        Living Proof Live with Beth Moore

8/2       CA      Monterey        Spirit West Coast (huge)

8/2       CO      Denver            Kutless Christian Concert

8/3       IN        Fort Wayne    Women of Faith

8/3       SC       Columbia        Promise Keepers

8/4       TN       Nashville         Phil Keaggy Christian Concert

8/4       PA       Philadelphia     CeCe Winans Christian Concert

8/5       OH      Wickliffe          The Fest, Michael W. Smith

8/10     NY      Chautauqua      Third Day Christian Rock

8/10     GA      Atlanta             Women of Faith

8/10     TX       Midland           Rock the Desert Christian Rock

8/11     MO      St. Louis          Newsboys Christian Rock

8/16     WA     Lynden             Third Day Christian Rock

8/17     OH      Cincinnati         Promise Keepers

8/17     MD      Baltimore         Jars of Clay Christian Rock

8/17     LA       New Orleans    Jeremy Camp Christian Rock

8/18     IN        South Bend     World Pulse Festival

8/22     TX       San Antonio     Living Proof Live with Beth Moore

8/24     CA      Fresno              Promise Keepers

8/24     TX       Dallas              Women of Faith


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