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From Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Hypocrisy is What’s for Dinner

Nathan Runkle, founder and president of Mercy For Animals, writes a compelling article exposing the troubling hypocrisy of loving some animals and eating others. He refers to last month’s Yulin festival in China, where dogs were tortured and killed for food. As expected, people around the word rallied to protest the festival while at the same time continuing eating other animals. It was clear that people separated “pets” from “farm animals” and refused to include the latter in their sphere of compassion.

Please visit Our outrage over China's Yulin dog meat festival exposes a disgusting hypocrisy.

There’s no doubt that those we call “pets” and those we call “food” suffer the same. Both have been given by our Creator the capacity to suffer, to love, to enjoy life and to fear. It’s truly unjust, unmerciful and hypocritical to love some animals but eat others.