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Comments for our Members:

Many our sustaining members were outraged after reading Monday’s article where agriculture professor Wes Jamison uses religion to encourage and support the ag industry. These are a couple of the comments we received:

Thanks for sending this article. The professor is actually a Communication prof at the U of Florida, which is odd enough. Worse still is his complete lack of understanding of the communication dynamic in the struggle for ethical treatment of animals. It is the animal agriculture industry that uses (misuses) religion, ritual, tradition, and outright make-believe to encourage the consumption of their products. Just spend an hour watching commercial TV and anyone will see an unending stream of commercials extolling the virtues of animal products, without one mention of the reality of their production or the drawbacks of their consumption.

The animal rights/vegans are the ones who speak out with the truth and reality of the animal agriculture system. We rarely use religion because almost every religions advocates the consumption of animal products. So I don't know what texts the Communication professor has been researching, but he's clearly drawn the most inaccurate conclusion possible. It's because we speak the truth and present reality that our argument is compelling and gaining ground. And we hope someday, god willing, religions, rituals, traditions and make-believe with catch up.


Apparently Wes Jamison's argument (if you can call it one) turns on maintaining a distinction between 'companion animals' and 'cuisine animals.' "Agriculture must give permission for consumers to distinguish between animals that are companions and animals that are cuisine," he said.

Whence came such a distinction? Do mammals possess any intrinsic properties that would warrant such a distinction? Has Jamison ever read the Biblical injunctions to give working animals a sabbath/rest?

Outrageous, indeed.


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