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Why I Became a Vegetarian

We received yet another inspiring story from one our sustaining members. Enjoy!

"A few years ago, my sister came out as gay. Amazingly, my entire family rallied around her with love and support and total acceptance, unlike the rest of our church community.

She, and her now wife, are vegetarian as is our Mom. We have a large family, with many family get-togethers, and dinners. It became pretty common for us meat-eaters to mock the “veggies-eaters” in kindly meant, yet harmful way.

My mother, whose loving heart aches for all of God’s creation, decided at one point that becoming vegan was the next important step, so that she would no longer contribute to the suffering of dairy cows and egg-laying chickens. I once again rolled my eyes at this, joined the others in poking fun, and put it from my mind.

A few weeks later, while speaking to my Mom on the phone, I asked how the “vegan thing” was going. She seemed disappointed, and said something about it being hard, and she had sort of given up. It stuck me harder than a blow to the face. I was so proud of how our family had come together to support our long-suffering sister, and yet we all continued to mock her, and my mom’s efforts to be vegetarian/vegan.

I realized that in her efforts to be vegan, my mother felt totally alone. I was ashamed. I decided then to join her in her effort and become vegan myself. I bought books, researched the Internet, and tried new recipes, all in an attempt to give my Mom the support she needed.

In the process, I began to open my eyes to the cruelty all around me. Now I am a vegetarian because I believe it is the right thing to be. I could never go back to eating meat, and I have joined those who are teased instead of those who do the teasing in our family…and I like it much better over here."  ~ Cara  

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