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Comments About Colson’s Article

We received many responses to Colson’s article features on the “Take Heart!” issue on March 18.

These are a couple of our sustainers comments:

“Well, Lorena, I can't agree with Colson.  As an Episcopalian who is much influenced by the Celtic point of view, I don't think that we have souls - I think that we are souls.  I believe that all of creation is infused by God, including humans, animals, and even trees and wells.  And while I don't have a clue about what Heaven is, I believe that this infusion with God doesn't end with our physical deaths.  When I look at my two cats, I see two unique beings who are just as much a part of God's creation as I am.  They are superior to me in some ways, I am superior to them in another ways.  We are very different beings, but we are all part of God's creation and totally inhabited by God.  So the bottom line for me is that all of creation deserves our utmost respect.  We are all in this together and we are very much connected.”

~ Scott, CVA sustaining member

“I do believe that there is a soul in every molecule and every atom.  In every blade of grass, in every drop in the ocean.  In every DNA and RNA that is in anything alive.  I've been told and do believe that if we were to see all souls, they would be "touching from shoulder to shoulder as far as the eyes can see and beyond". 

I feel that many things in the Bible had been mistranslated, forgotten, left out, not found, not remembered, not remembered correctly, misinterpreted, intentionally rewritten to suit others needs and understanding (people in power and opting for control and manipulation), so therefore, I cannot see the Bible as a history book recording everything exactly and in perfect order.  I see it for what it is as a guide that Jesus walked this earth, practicing and teaching love, acceptance, forgiveness, caring, understanding, compassion of the entire creation and being nonjudgmental. 

Jesus practiced non-violence.  He practiced what He preached.  Everyone reads into the Bible what they want to believe and what they don't want to believe.  I've heard people translate their own interpretation of the exact same verse into two opposing views by two very well known preachers.  People have all kinds of versions as to what "God's image" is.  It is pure love.  What is the image of pure love?  A flower, a humming bird, a person, a meadow, a river, an ocean, a dog?  Gods image is in everything and is everywhere.    I feel God has put a soul in everything as God has so much love to give and to be returned to God.  There is sacredness and divinity in all of life.  We are to respect and love all of life.  God is everywhere and is in everything.”

~ Sandie, CVA sustaining member

-Posted 20 Mar 2008

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