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Christian Vegetarian Association Presents:
Take Heart!

Patty Mark

Patty Mark, president of the Australian animal advocacy organization Animal Liberation Victoria (ALV), and founding editor of Action Magazine and director of the ALV Rescue Team emphasizes the importance of being honest as an animal rights advocate. Ms. Mark points that well-intended animal rights activists try to alleviate the suffering of billion of animals raised for food by encouraging people to consume “free-range” or “grass-fed” animal products. She points out that concept of ‘let’s make it better for the animals before they are killed’ is a “dead end street” given that all animals are ultimately sacrificed. Ms. Mark suggests encouraging veganism with “patience, determination, persistence and honesty—done with goodwill.”

Read this interview at http://www.satyamag.com/sept06/mark.html 

Christian vegetarians should also promote a plant-based diet focused on showing compassion, respect and love; and by setting the example that no animals need to be sacrificed, just like in the Garden of Eden (God’s ideal).


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