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Karen Borch

Opinion: Karen Borch, one of our CVA sustaining members, shared her opinion regarding the article about dairy pollution on June 19. Her feelings, however, refer to all areas in which we exploit animals, the environment and our own health. Karen’s words are a challenge to Christians, to honor God through their diet and lifestyle, and an eye-opener for those who until now refuse to “see” it.

When people wake up and realize the egregious effect on their health, the environment, the loss of stunningly beautiful forests and jungles, the shortening of one’s life span, and the awesome and horrific price that innocent animals pay by suffering unspeakable abuse and life long physical pain, plus emotional devastation in their short pitiful lives, ALL FOR A MOMENTARY INDULGENCE - A GASTRONOMIC DELIGHT FOR ONE’S TASTE BUDS…….WILL THIS NOT BECOME ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THAT, IT IS SIMPLY NOT WORTH THE PRICE?

My question remains, why will it take a world crisis of such dimension to bring out, inadvertently the best in human beings? To save our planet from destruction, to save our health, to stop the immense damage to our natural resources and try to restore it, to stop world hunger and much of the disease that is rampant in our world, and to honor and revere and care tenderly for the animals entrusted into our care. Changing to a plant-based diet is good for us, good for Mother Earth, and good for the animals, but mostly it honors God. It tells Him we are not going to continue to trash the gift of His glorious creation and it says we’re grateful. The time is now – all the ominous signs are there. We must be good stewards ourselves but we must also not be silent. Like good evangelists, we must BE COMMITTED, spread the word, share the information, and change lives, or I guess we are just spiritual wimps.

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