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Plant-Based Diets Are Healing
April 2, 2012

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. Plant-Based Diets Good for Heart Health
  2. Famous Quote: Will Tuttle, author of "The World Peace Diet"
  3. Why Red Meat is Bad for Our Health
  4. Bible verse: Psalm 24:1
  5. Vegetarians Were Right All Along
  6. This Week’s Video: The Best Detox

1. Plant-Based Diets Good for Heart Health
Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, cardiac and nutritional researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, believes that in order to stay heart healthy, the golden rule should be not to eat anything with a mother or a face. Dr. Esselstyn follows and recommends a whole-foods plant-based diet in order to prevent and even reverse heart-disease.

Please visit Eating for a Healthy Heart:
Dr. Esselstyn work is known around the world. More people every day are learning that heart-disease might be the one disease that is the easiest to prevent the majority of the time. How? By adopting the very same diet prescribed by God as it is told in the book of Genesis. A diet that provides every nutrient we need and a diet that requires none of God's farmed animals to suffer and die.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
“Veganism is, I’ve found, a litmus test of religious teachings and religious teachers.
To the degree that religious teachings do not explicitly encourage veganism, which is the practice of nonviolence and lovingkindness, to that same degree these teachings are hypocritical and disconnected from their spiritual source.”
~ Will Tuttle, author of "The World Peace Diet"

3. Why Red Meat is Bad for Our Health
The results of a 20 year study that examined the eating habits and health of more than 110,000 adults indicate that any amount of red meat, processed or non-processed, increases the risk of premature death. Please visit All red meat is bad for your, study says:,0,565423.story
For most people in this world it is not necessary to eat the flesh of animals. In fact, our bodies are designed in such a way that by adopting a plant-based diet our health flourishes as well as our spirit.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse
(RSV) Psalm 24:1
The earth is the LORD's and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.
I think most Christian have forgotten, or have chosen to ignore, that everything -including animals- are God's. As stewards of God's Creation we are called to reflect God's love onto every creature. Clearly, factory farms dishonor God and make a mockery of His/Her love for animals.

5. Vegetarians Were Right All Along

Earlier this month, a study published in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine, indicated that implanting stents to stretch open cholesterol-clogged arteries in people with stable coronary artery disease was useless or worse. Seemingly, the most effective way to prevent and reverse this clogging is diet. Dr. William Roberts, editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Cardiology said, “For the build-up of plaque in our arteries to cease, it appears that the serum total cholesterol needs to be lowered to the 150 area. In other words the serum total cholesterol must be lowered to that of the average pure vegetarian. Because relatively few persons are willing to abide by the vegetarian lifestyle, lipid-lowering drugs are required in most to reach the 150 level.”

Please visit Stent or Prevent? Ending Heart Disease:
A plant-based diet has been found to prevent and reverse most of the chronic diseases that plague our society. Still, most people are willing to subject themselves to the side-effects of drugs instead of changing their diet. We must remember that being good stewards of our bodies, temples of the Holy Spirit, means to treat our bodies with respect and reverence. A plant-based diet helps us do exactly that.

6. This Week’s Video: The Best Detox

Dr. Greger explains beautifully in this short video why the most powerful natural inducer of our liver’s detoxifying enzyme system is sulforaphane, a phytonutrient produced by broccoli. Please visit The Best Detox: 

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