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Eating Godís Animals is Destroying Godís Creation
February 16, 2015

  1. Dairy Farm Found to Pollute Water
  2. Famous Quote: Julie Denslow, and Christine Padoch, People of the Tropical Rainforest, University of California Press, 1988
  3. Eating Meat Destroys the Planet
  4. Bible Verse: Proverbs 15:1
  5. Coalition Sues the EPA
  6. Featured Video: Factory Farming 101: Environmental Impacts

1. Dairy Farm Found to Pollute Water

Factory farms are huge polluters of the environment, and dairy farms are no exception. In fact, U.S. District Judge Thomas O. Rice of Spokane, WA ďhas ruled that a large industrial dairy in eastern Washington has polluted drinking water through its application, storage and management of manure, in a case that could set precedents across the nation.Ē

Please visit Judge: Dairy pollution threatens Washington valley's water.

Factory farms, also known as concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOís), commonly have tens or even hundreds of thousands of farmed animals, who in turn produce large amounts of waste. Farmers improperly discard the waste by spraying it onto fields or dumping it in or near waterways; thus, contaminating soil and water. Billions of tons of manure will continue polluting our home, the Earth, as long as people keep putting taste and profit above compassion and ethics.

2. Famous Quote

"Life forms destroyed in the production of each fast-food hamburger made from rainforest beef: Members of 20 to 30 different plant species,100 different insect species, and dozens of bird, mammal and reptile species."

~ Julie Denslow, and Christine Padoch, People of the Tropical Rainforest, University of California Press, 1988

3. Eating Meat Destroys the Planet

Scientists already know this: the livestock industry produces more greenhouse gases than the transportation sector, accelerating global warming. However, most consumers and governments still donít realize that if the world continues to rely on animal-products the future of humanity is very grim.

Please visit If We All Eat Meat, We're Doomed.

Eating a plant-based diet is imperative if we want to live on this beautiful planet. Eating the Western diet, laden with animal-products, destroys the planet and causes much suffering to its creatures, including humans.

Global warming is a reality; one that we need to assume or the next generations will pay dearly for it.

4. Bible Verses:
Proverbs 15:1: (RSV)

"A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.Ē
Many times when attacked or offended with words we tend to lash out or respond in anger, which usually does not help the situation. We should remember Jesusí life and ministry during which his kind and soft answers were powerful and effective.

5. Coalitions Sues the EPA

There are about 20,000 factory farms in the U.S. These Ďfarmsí confine billions of farmed animals and pollute the environment, and ďcontribute to significant human health problems, including asthma and heart attacks; endangers animal health; intensifies the effects of climate change; and causes regional haze and ďdead zonesĒ in waterways.Ē

Because the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has consistently failed to address this issue, a coalition of environmental, humane and community organizations filed two lawsuits last month against the EPA for failing to address air pollution from factory farms.

Please visit Coalition Sues EPA for Failing to Address Factory Farm Air Pollution.

Factory farms hurt all of Godís Creation: animals, our health and the environment. What does it take for people, who claim to care about Godís Creation, to realize that what we eat matters? If we donít take a stand, who will?

6. Featured Video: Factory Farming 101: Environmental Impacts

This is a short clip outlining the impact of factory farming and animal agriculture on the environment from the documentary Vegucated.

Please visit Factory Farming 101: Environmental Impacts.

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