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Compassion Should Have No Boundaries
December 16, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. Don’t Eat Anything with a Face
  2. Famous Quote: Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of "Farm Sanctuary"
  3. Why Not "Humane" Meat
  4. Bible verses: Exod. 23:5; Deut. 22:6–7, 25:4
  5. DiGiorno Drops Dairy Farm After Alleged Abused to Cows
  6. This Week’s Video: New Undercover Video Shows Unimaginable Abuse to Dairy Cows

1. Don’t Eat Anything With a Face!  

Watch this great debate that took place on Wednesday where Neal Barnard, M.D. & Gene Baur debated the issue of eating meat against Chris Masterjohn & Joel Salatin on NPR's Intelligence2. So, who won? The VEGAN side, of course!!

Please visit Don't Eat Anything with a Face to learn about the panelists, watch the debate and learn about the results.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
“As I learned about the consequences of my food choices and as I recognized that I didn't have to eat animals, and that eating animals caused the animals to suffer, it caused an enormous footprint on our planet, and it wasn't healthy, it made since to go vegan. And, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I think most people who've decided to go vegan share a similar experience. It's very empowering. And, when I went vegan I actually started eating a wide variety of foods I had never tried before. Different ethnic foods. You also start combining things in different ways, you start becoming more creative in the kitchen. But I went vegan just because it seemed to make sense, and it was aligned with my own values, because I didn't want to support this system that was so abusive to animals, and wasting and squandering so many scarce resources on our planet. And it was also healthier, so it was in my interest to eat food that was plant-based instead of animal-based. Living a vegan lifestyle makes a lot of sense.”
― Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of "Farm Sanctuary"

3. Why Not "Humane" Meat
Eating animals means looking at animals as if they were commodities. Given the exposure that the meat, egg and dairy industries have received in recent years, the abuse inflicted in factory farmed animals has become more evident than ever and, with the exception of sociopaths, people agree that we should treat animals better. However, being less cruel to animals and still continue to raise them for food has tremendous implications: ethical, socio-economic, spiritual, etc. At the end, the most effective way to eat in an ethical and compassionate way is to consume only plants.

Please visit Why "Humane" Meat is Not a Solution to Factory Farming
If we can live healthy, joyful, peaceful lives without eating God’s animals, why would we? Most people don’t eat animals to survive but for taste, tradition and convenience; hardly good reasons! Even when an animal was treated less abusively, still her milk was stolen, or her babies were stolen, or she was killed for her flesh. Humane meat doesn’t really exist.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse
The Hebrew Scriptures forbid inhumane slaughter or cruelty toward beasts of burden (Exod. 23:5; Deut. 22:6–7, 25:4). Yet, in the United States, virtually all food derived from animals is obtained through intensive factory farming methods. In fact, nearly ten billion land animals are slaughtered each year, over a million every hour, and the number of aquatic animals killed for food is far greater. These animals suffer greatly from stressful crowding, barren environments that frustrate their instinctive drives, mutilations and amputations without pain relief (including debeaking, dehorning, tail docking, and castration), and other painful procedures, aside from the cruelty inflicted on them by frustrated workers who beat, kick, stab them, etc.

5. DiGiorno Drops Dairy Farm After Alleged Abused to Cows
DiGiorno, a pizza company owned by Nestle, cut ties cut ties with a Wisconsin dairy farm yesterday after the new undercover video released by the animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals, showing workers beating, kicking, stabbing and whipping sick and injured cows. The owner of the dairy farm said that 2 employees have been fired.

Please visit DiGiorno, Supplier Drop Dairy Farm Over Abuse
Cutting ties with the dairy farm is simply good PR for DiGiornio because they know all dairy farms abuse cows and their babies to some extent. Only if DiGiorno transitions to using plant-base cheeses we could believe they are truly concerned about cows. Cow’s milk is for calves and unless we embrace this simple truth we will continue to support disease, suffering and death in God’s Creation.

6. This Week’s Video: New Undercover Video Shows Unimaginable Abuse to Dairy Cows
A new undercover video shot by a "Mercy for Animals" investigator shows egregious abuse to cows in a dairy farm in Wisconsin, which is a major DiGiorno cheese supplier. The video shows workers viciously kicking, beating and violently whipping cows in the face and body; sick or injured cows suffering from open wounds, infections and injuries; and workers dragging cows by their fragile legs and necks using chains attached to a tractor.

Please visit Slice of Cruelty and share far and wide!

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