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December 9, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. Plant-Strong Eating
  2. Famous Quote: Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of "Farm Sanctuary"
  3. Children Benefit from a Veg Diet
  4. Bible verse: 1 Cor. 6:19
  5. 11 Facts You Need to Know About Dairy
  6. This Week’s Video: One in a thousand: ending the heart disease epidemic

1. Plant-Strong Eating
These are 10 tips that will help those who would like to improve their athletic performance and endurance, taking into account carbs, protein, nutrient timing, B12, and much more. Please visit 10 Tips on Eating Plant-Strong for Athletic Performance

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
“As I learned about the consequences of my food choices and as I recognized that I didn't have to eat animals, and that eating animals caused the animals to suffer, it caused an enormous footprint on our planet, and it wasn't healthy, it made since to go vegan. And, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I think most people who've decided to go vegan share a similar experience. It's very empowering. And, when I went vegan I actually started eating a wide variety of foods I had never tried before. Different ethnic foods. You also start combining things in different ways, you start becoming more creative in the kitchen. But I went vegan just because it seemed to make sense, and it was aligned with my own values, because I didn't want to support this system that was so abusive to animals, and wasting and squandering so many scarce resources on our planet. And it was also healthier, so it was in my interest to eat food that was plant-based instead of animal-based. Living a vegan lifestyle makes a lot of sense.”
― Gene Baur, Co-Founder and President of "Farm Sanctuary"

3. Children Benefit from a Veg Diet
Public School 244, an elementary school in Queens, New York City, has been serving in its cafeteria 100 percent meatless meals since earlier this year. Now, the benefits are showing in its own report card where it shows that the students’ attendance, test scores, energy levels and attention spans have improved significantly. Please visit Vegetarian School Report Card: Improved Test Scores and More Energy 

Plant-based eating does a body good! Let’s hope other schools around the nation take note and implement this fantastic initiative. Kids would benefit tremendously and so would the rest of God’s Creation.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse
The apostle Paul wrote that our bodies are The temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), and it follows that we should care for our bodies as gifts from God. The largest organization of food and nutrition professionals in the United States, the American Dietetic Association, has endorsed well-planned vegetarian diets. In 2003, the ADA noted, “Vegetarians have been reported to have lower body mass indices than nonvegetarians, as well as lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease; vegetarians also show lower blood cholesterol levels; lower blood pressure; and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer.”

5. 11 Facts You Need to Know About Dairy

Dairy products are unhealthy and their production involves the exploitation of cows and their babies. These are 11 facts that everyone should know about dairy:

  1.  Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows. 
  2.  Hormones.
  3.  Most cows are fed inappropriate food.
  4.  Dairy products, when metabolized, are acid-forming. 
  5.  Research shows that the countries whose citizens consume the most dairy products have the
    highest incidence of osteoporosis.
  6. Most dairy cows live in confined, inhumane conditions, never seeing the pastures of green
    grass they were intended to eat.
  7. Most dairy products are pasteurized to kill potentially-harmful bacteria. 
  8. Dairy products are mucous-forming.
  9.  Research links dairy products with arthritis. In one study on rabbits, scientist Richard Panush was able to produced inflamed joints in the animals by switching their water to milk. 
  10.  Most milk is homogenized, which denatures the milk’s proteins, making it harder to digest. 
  11. Pesticides in cow feed find their way into milk and dairy products that we consume.

To learn more, please visit 11 Reasons to stop eating dairy
It’s good to know the facts about why consuming dairy products is not natural for humans and therefore it’s harmful for our health, and why it contributes to the suffering of God’s animals. This way, we can make mindful food choices and help others to do the same.

6. This Week’s Video
Watch this new short video by Dr. Michael Greger explaining how to end the heart disease epidemic. Please visit One in a thousand: ending the heart disease epidemic 

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