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Effective Activism and Much More!
October 28, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. Will the Meat Industry Take the Challenge? No Way!
  2. Famous Quote: Georges Laraque
  3. A Tragedy at So Many Levels
  4. Bible verse: (RSV) Psalm 145:9
  5. Effective Activism
  6. This Week’s Video: EggMcMisery

1. Will the Meat Industry Take the Challenge? No Way!
Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat, a company that produces plant-based meat analogs, invites the public to visit their facilities and learn how their products are made. He challenges the meat industry to do the same.

 Please visit The Transparency Challenge from Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat Founder
The meat, dairy or egg industries will not take Ethan Brown’s challenge because their businesses thrive on secrecy, not transparency. I suspect that allowing the public to witness animals being tortured and killed, and workers also being abused in the unsanitary conditions of factory farms and slaughterhouses might not be good for their businesses.  

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
“After I saw how badly animals were treated to en up in our plates, how bad it was for our health and for the environment, I decided to stop this nonsense and educate others. After all, animals can’t talk and they need people that have notoriety like me to be their voices.”
~ Georges Laraque

3. A Tragedy at So Many Levels
Tens of thousands of cows and their calves died terrifying deaths during Atlas, a blizzard that hit South Dakota earlier this month. This storm, who took farmers by surprise since it’s not winter yet, has put many of them out of business.

Please visit South Dakota's cattle cataclysm: why isn't this horror news?
Sadly, the news of disasters like this one only focuses on the monetary loss of farmers but rarely, or never, on the suffering of the animals. The writer of the above article, Ms. Mess, did mention how torturous and terrifying must have those animals felt while unable to protect themselves and their babies. I think it’s important to note that these animals, whose lives seemed to matter simply for their economic value to the farmers, were ultimately going to die regardless with much pain and terror at a slaughterhouse.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse
(RSV) Psalm 145:9
The LORD is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made.
This Psalm reminds us that God is compassionate towards all creatures. By the same token, we should also have compassion toward all creatures. Clearly, raising animals for food unnecessarily shows no compassion to God's farmed animals.

5. Effective Activism
Ben Davidow's excellent book, Uncaged, shares the insight of top animal activists about what it's the most effective way to advocates for animals:
- Make modest change requests; focus on the highest-impact foods
- Good outreach is a two-way conversation
- Take a data-driven approach
To learn more, please visit Three Insights from Uncaged and share!
It’s extremely important to be an effective activist for all of God’s Creation. While we all strive for a vegan world I think it’s important to celebrate every small change and to continue to encourage people by our example to make compassionate, healthy and sustainable choices.

6. This Week’s Video
A Mercy For Animals Canada investigator documented systemic violence and cruelty to chickens at a “Burnbrae Farms” egg supplier, which is McDonald's Canada's exclusive egg provider, in Morinville, Alberta. The shocking and disturbing undercover footage shows unconscionable and egregious cruelty.

Please watch EggMcMisery and share! 

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