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Showing Compassion to Our Animal Brothers and Sisters
June 17, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. India Condemns Battery Cages
  2. Famous Quote: Pierre Troubetzkoy
  3. Foie Gras is Bad for the Birds and Bad for the Workers
  4. Bible verses: Matt. 6:26; Luke 12:6; Exod. 23:5; Deut. 22:6–7, 25:4
  5. Hog Slaughterhouses are Cruel and Unsanitary
  6. This Week’s Video: Why Vegan?

1. India Condemns Battery Cages
India is the 3rd largest egg producer in the world and about 70% of their hens are confined in barren battery cages. Fortunately, the Humane Society International/India (HSI/India) has successfully persuaded the majority of Indian states to declare that confining hens to battery cages violates the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960. Hopefully, the Indian government will now be prompted to pass legislation in order to one day ban these cages.

Please visit Humane Society: India Agrees Battery Cages Are Illegal:

Confining God’s animals is simply cruel. By not allowing them to exercise any of their God-given instincts and needs we are showing God that we don’t respect His/Her creation and love for animals. Let’s honor God’s Creation by caring for God’s animals and letting them enjoy their life, free of exploitation. This is how we celebrate life!

2. This Week’s Famous Quote

Why should man expect is prayer for mercy to be heard by what is above him when he shows no mercy to what’s under him?
~ Pierre Troubetzkoy

3.  Foie Gras is Bad for the Birds and Bad for the Workers
Hudson Valley Foie Gras is the largest foie gras farm in the U.S. and is now on the spotlight for allegedly abusing their workers. Sources claim that their employees work “obscenely hard” and that they don’t get any holidays or rest days. With the great divide between passing a reform and continuing to exploit workers, we are sure to hear more in the near future.

Please visit The ducks are coming home to roost:
The foie gras industry is a barbaric one that abuses God’s animals and also workers. Although it seems fairly easy to ignore the plight of the victims when their suffering is unseen, the reality is that ignoring it causes much damage to us. It deadens our sensitivity, our compassion and our love for all creatures.

4. This Week’s Bible Verses
Jesus said that God feeds the birds of the air (Matt. 6:26) and does not forget Jesus sparrows (Luke 12:6). The Hebrew Scriptures forbid inhumane slaughter or cruelty toward beasts of burden (Exod. 23:5; Deut. 22:6–7, 25:4).

Yet, in the United States, virtually all food derived from animals is obtained through intensive factory farming methods. In fact, nearly ten billion land animals are slaughtered each year, over a million every hour, and the number of aquatic animals killed for food is far greater. These animals suffer greatly from stressful crowding, barren environments that frustrate their instinctive drives, mutilations and amputations without pain relief (including debeaking, dehorning, tail docking, and castration), and other painful procedures (Bernard Rollin, Ph.D., Farm Animal Welfare).

5. Hog Slaughterhouses are Cruel and Unsanitary
Not surprisingly, the USDA has found hog slaughterhouses violating repeatedly animal welfare and public health regulations. In fact, their treatment of pigs is labeled as “egregious.” However, the vast majority of these violations received no suspension or other punishments.

Please visit USDA's Watchdog Reveal "Egregious" Hog Slaughter Conditions:

How may we expect healing, harmony and joy while we are creating disease, causing much suffering and death, and pretend it’s all right? Love and peace sprout within us and are manifested in our actions and choices. A plant-based diet clearly reflects a peaceful, loving and joyful world!  

6. This Weeks Video
Gary Yourofsky offers the viewer the main reasons of why going vegan is the ethical way to live. His presentation is entertaining, enlightening and eye-opening!

Please visit Why Vegan? 

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