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Spiritual and Physical Healing
June 10, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. New Bird Flu Strain One of the Most Lethal
  2. Famous Quote: Thich Nhat Hanh
  3. Processed Meats Are Dangerous for Our Health
  4. Bible verses: Luke 5:2-11; John 21:5-8
  5. Plant-Based to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
  6. This Week’s Video: Luiz Antonio - Why He Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus

1. New Bird Flu Strain One of the Most Lethal
According to Keiji Fukuda, assistant director-general for health security at the World Health Organization (WHO), the new bird flu strain that has already killed more than 22 people in China is "one of the most lethal" of its kind and transmits more easily to humans than another strain that has killed hundreds since 2003. This new strain, H7N9, is particularly problematic because of the absence of visible illness in poultry.

Please visit WHO says new bird flu strain is "one of the most lethal" flu viruses:
Nature has a way of reacting when we do things against it. Confining God’s animals, not allowing them to exercise their God-given instincts and needs, feeding them unnatural diets to make them grow faster and fatter or to produce more milk/eggs, mutilating them without anesthesia, giving them drugs so they can survive these conditions, abusing them to our benefit, etc. may be the cause for the new emergence of viral and bacterial strains since factory farms are the perfect vessels to combine, rotate and mutate viruses and bacteria. Once again, we reap what we sow; and these consequences might just be what makes us stop consuming these creatures or their by-products.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
Every day forty thousand children die in the world for lack of food. We, who overeat in the West, who are feeding grains to animals to make meat, are eating the flesh of these children.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

3.  Processed Meats Are Dangerous for Our Health
Processed meats should not be part of anyone’s diet according to findings by The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), which has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer; especially in relation to pancreatic and colorectal cancer.

Please visit Processed Meat Declared Too Dangerous for Human Consumption:
A whole-foods plant-based diet is ideal for our bodies. Eating foods that come from the living Earth and that are recognizable by our body increases health and vitality. Processed meats offer convenience and taste because they tend to be cheap, and because they are loaded with fat and salt. However, eating these foods may cost our health, which in the end is priceless.

4. This Week’s Bible Verses
Jesus assisted his disciples in fishing (Luke 5:2-11; John 21:5-8)
In Luke and John, Jesus helped disciples catch a vast quantity of fish. In Luke, the event is depicted as his first call of the disciples. In John, the event occurs after the resurrection.
Many Biblical scholars see the events symbolically, and from a symbolic standpoint, Jesus assisting the disciples in netting massive quantities of fish could not be much clearer, especially considering his promise that he will make them "fishers of men." They are bringing disciples (fish) into the fold.
A literal reading of the text shows animals cooperating with Jesus to prove his divinity. In Luke, the miraculous catch prompted the fishermen to follow Jesus, who told them, "Henceforth, you will be catching men." When they returned to shore, they "left everything, and followed him." This demonstrates that killing fish was not the point of the story. In John, miraculously catching a massive quantity of fish once again established Jesus’ divine identity. Jesus then ate the fish, demonstrating that he was resurrected in the flesh. Again, the story is about an important teaching, not enjoying tasty food.

5. Plant-Based to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Michael Greger, M.D., explains in this blog why a plant-based diet is so successful in treating multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. In fact, Dr. Greger says that “To date, no medication or invasive procedure has ever come close to demonstrating such success.”

Please visit Plant-Based Diets for Multiple Sclerosis:
Many diseases, including very debilitating ones like multiple sclerosis, may be treated successfully with a plant-based diet. This is simply amazing! Plant-based foods have powerful healing properties without the sometimes awful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. I think that, whenever possible, we should choose to feed our bodies with healthful foods in order to give them the best chance to stay healthy and to fight disease. This shows good stewardship of our bodies.

6.  Luiz Antonio - Why He Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus - video
The short video of a Brazilian boy refusing to eat octopus and teaching his mom about compassion to all animals has gone viral, and is showing people around the world that one person can make this world a better place.

Please visit Luiz Antonio - Why He Doesn't Want to Eat Octopus and share with friends and family!

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