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Avoiding Hurting God’s Animals is Practicing the Faith of Christ
April 15, 2013

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries.

  1. What’s Inside Factory Farms?
  2. Famous Quote: Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet
  3. The Suffering of God’s Animals
  4. Bible verse: Luke 15:23
  5. Factory Farming Needs to End
  6. This Week’s Video: An Eye-Opening Prank

1. What’s Inside Factory Farms?
What really hides behind the walls of factory farms? Rats, maggots, flies and lots of poop. Factory farms are concentration camps of animals who live their lives in filth, pain and fear. What’s also appalling is that inspectors at these facilities witness such conditions and do nothing about it.

Please visit Flies, Maggots, Rats, and Lots of Poop: What Big Ag Doesn't Want You to See:
What can be expected when we hyper-confine God’s animals to the point that they are unable to exercise their most basic instincts and needs? When we cause misery, misery comes back to us. We are now experiencing the consequences of our actions toward our fellow beings in the form of physical, environmental, social, emotional, spiritual and psychological degradation in society.
We can always bring healing and restoration by doing our best to live in peace and harmony with all of God’s creatures. 

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
"Practicing veganism means practicing respect and sensitivity toward others, especially those who are vulnerable and without social privilege, and is precisely the practice required to bring healing to our corrupt and wounded culture.
Veganism is a call to renounce the core practice of our culture—reducing beings to mere harvestable and abuseable commodities—and to practice, in every aspect of our lives, its opposite: mindfulness, inclusiveness, equality, and respect.
There is no force more subversive to our culture than practicing vegans, no force more challenging, healing, transformative, and uplifting than people living the truth that all life is sacred and interconnected." 
~ Dr. Will Tuttle, The World Peace Diet 

3.  The Suffering of God’s Animals
Timothy Pachirat, a doctoral candidate in political science seeking to understand the normalization of violence in society and who wrote a book titled “Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight,” took a job at a slaughterhouse in Omaha, NE. In this article, Mark Bittman, refers to Pachirat as he exposes one of the main reasons to reduce or eliminate animal products from one’s diet: animal suffering. In regards to eating meat Pachirat stated, “It’s just not worth the pleasure when you know the system.”

Please visit The Human Cost of Animal Suffering: 
God’s farmed animals endure unimaginable abuse at factory farms and slaughterhouses around the world; and still most people around the world still support the meat, egg and dairy industries. I think the main reason is that these industries are doing everything in their power to keep people disconnected from their food choices and to keep the suffering of animals hidden from the public. However, the victimization of God’s animals is being exposed like never before, and Christians are now faced with the choice of supporting cruelty or embracing compassion and justice. It’s a choice we have to make.   

4. This Week’s Bible Verse
(RSV) Luke 15:23

“… and bring the fatted calf and kill it, and let us eat and make merry;…”
Eating the “fatted calf” was a sign of joy and celebration that, presumably, Jesus’ audience understood. This was a parable, and no calf was actually killed. When people today use language and metaphors such as “to kill two birds with one stone,” that doesn’t mean that we actually approve of such behavior. Furthermore, if Jesus had approved of animal agriculture in his day, it would not follow that he would endorse modern factory farming. 

5. Factory Farming Needs to End
This is a short, clear and concise article about why people should stop supporting the factory farming industry. It’s simple. Animal-based agriculture is bad for us, bad for the animals and bad for the environment. Make sure you check out the slide show as well!

Please visit Why Everyone Should Be Angry About Factory Farming: 
Anger is a very primal emotion, than if channeled accordingly, can help us make changes that would benefit to all of God’s Creation. After all, even the Bible relates that Jesus was angry when he expelled dealers from the temple (Matthew 21:12). 

6. This Week’s Video:  
Take a look at this hilarious prank where people are forced to take a look at who they are really eating.

Please visit:  


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