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Eating for Health
September 3, 2012

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

  1. The Dangers of Eating Chicken Flesh
  2. Famous Quote: The Lorax
  3. A Smart, Vegan Catwoman!
  4. Bible verse: John 7:29
  5. Olympic Vegetarian Athletes
  6. This Week’s Video: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

1. The Dangers of Eating Chicken Flesh
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that "healthy chicken" sold in supermarkets are raised on a steady diet of prescription, over-the-counter, and even banned drugs such as some antibiotics banned since 2005. Surprisingly, industrial chicken farms use even carcinogenic arsenic to feed chickens, which actually ends up in their flesh.

Please visit 3 Dirty Chicken Facts Exposed:
It’s simply appalling and terribly sad what the food system has become due to the demand for cheap animal products. The animal agriculture sector cuts corner and even engages in illegal practices in order to lower their production costs without taking into account at all human health or the lives of the animals they exploit with contempt.
Thankfully, there is plenty of information available to consumers in order to make mindful, healthy and compassionate choices guided by the faith of Christ, a faith grounded on compassion, mercy, love and justice.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
~ The Lorax

3. A Smart, Vegan Catwoman!

Actress Anne Hathaway switched from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet to be in top shape for her latest role as catwoman in the movie “The Dark Knight Rises.” She realized that a vegan diet helped her stay not only fit but strong, and decided to embrace this new lifestyle after the making of the movie.

Please visit Anne Hathaway's vegan Catwoman diet:
More and more celebrities choose a well-balanced plant-based diet for their amazing benefits! However, it’s not a diet just for celebrities. It’s a diet that we should all embrace, starting for those who want to put into practice Jesus’ teachings. Taking care of our bodies, the planet and all of God’s creatures is a privilege and a responsibility. Let’s all do our part to make this word a better place!

4. This Week’s Bible Verse

(RSV) John 7:29
I know him, for I come from him, and he sent me.
Jesus knew his source: God, our Creator. We, too, come from the same infinite love and wisdom. We see ourselves in others and we are able to feel the interconnectedness of all life. After all, we are all brothers and sisters who are called to love one another.

5. Olympic Vegetarian Athletes

While many people paid close attention to the Olympic games, few might know that among the Olympian athletes there are and have been many vegetarian ones. Featured in this article is Lizzie Armitstead, who won on Sunday Great Britain's first medal of the Olympic Games, taking silver in the grueling 87-mile road cycling race. She shares about the six months she spent last year living and training with some of Kenya's greatest long-distance runners, for her book, “Running with the Kenyans”. These athletes, although not strictly vegetarian, ate very little meat, just on special occasions such as weddings or funerals. Armitstead highlights the fact that the list of gold medals the Kenyan athletes have won is impressive.

Please visit Olympic vegetarians: the elite athletes who shun meat:
Once again, the fact that many Olympic athletes do so well on a vegetarian diet should erase the myth of vegetarians being frail and undernourished. After all, God’s ideal world for us, the Garden of Eden, was vegan (Genesis 1: 29-30).

6. This Week’s Video: Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Dr. Greger offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers. Please visit Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death and share with friends and family!:

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