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If We Were Putting Our Faith Into Practice, Would We Be Destroying God’s Creation?
November 7, 2011

Welcome to the weekly CVA blog!  In it you will find famous quotes, news and commentaries. 

1. Factory Farms are Devastating for God’s Creation

2. Famous Quote: Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), German Alsatian theologian, musician,
philosopher, physician and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

3. Former Vice-President of Taiwan Calls for a Reduction in Meat Consumption

4. Bible verse: Philippians 4:13

5. How to Feed the World

6. This Week’s Video: Meatless Monday

1. Factory Farms are Devastating for God’s Creation

Factory farms are devastating for the environment by polluting air, water and soil. An investigation in the state of Georgia exposed the minimal oversight of factory farm practices and the lack of enforcement of environmental regulations. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) more often than not chooses not to fine factory farms as clearly shown in a three-year review of regulatory documents stating that the EPD cited five farms among the 152 large farms it is supposed to inspect for the federal government and only assessed one fine — of $3,750 — during that time, even though many were found to dump manure in fresh water reservoirs.

To learn more please visit Factory farms rarely cited for polluting:

News like this one should make all of us feel outraged for the way we are destroying our only home, God’s Creation. However, it seems that not only do most people ignore the matter but continue supporting industries that abuse God’s animals, destroy the environment and bring sickness. We cannot claim to be followers of Jesus Christ when our actions and choices clearly go against his teachings of stewardship.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote

The thinking man must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice, we must avoid bringing torment and injury into the life of another, even the lowliest creature; to do so is to renounce our manhood(womanhood) and shoulder a guilt which nothing justifies.

~ Dr. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), German Alsatian theologian, musician, philosopher, physician and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

3. Former Vice-President of Taiwan Calls for a Reduction in Meat Consumption

Annette Lu, Former Vice President of Taiwan, played chef at a one-day "green" fair in Taipei and cooked a vegetarian dish in order to promote less consumption of meat for a sustainable environment. The United Nations has also called for a reduction in meat-intake to curb global warming, reduce deforestation and help feed the poor and the hungry, among other things.

Please visit Ex-vice president plays chef to promote vegetarian diet:

It is encouraging that high profile leaders call for the reduction in meat consumption given the abundant evidence that animal agriculture is devastating for the environment. It's time for people to wake up and align their food choices with their values and beliefs before it's too late.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse

(RSV) Philippians 4:13

I can do all things in him who strengthens me.

Christ is our role model, our guide and our teacher. He showed with his life example what it means to persevere and triumph in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He, indeed, strengthens us.

5. How to Feed the World

Steve Jones, Emeritus Professor of Genetics at University College London, believes that with a growing population of now at seven billion people, a better way to feed the world needs to be found. According to Jones, we should stop fattening animals to feed people and instead divert that grain to feed people directly. The amount of agricultural land, already scarce around the world, is used mainly to grow food to feed farmed animals. This use of land is wasteful and it also leads to the destruction of grasslands and rainforests.

Please visit Global population reaches 7 billion: can we really feed the world?:

The higher we eat on the food pyramid, the fewer people get fed. On the same token, the lower we eat on the food pyramid, the more people get fed. Unless we embrace this simple fact, billions of people will continue to go malnourished every year. Our Christian faith calls us to feed the poor and the hungry, and adopting a plant-based diet might be one of the most effective ways to do it.

6. This Week’s Video: Meatless Monday

The Humane Society of the United States released a great video that educates people in a humorous way about the countless benefits of adopting Meatless Monday, which is an easy way to help restore our own health, stop environmental degradation and alleviate animal suffering.

Please visit Meatless Monday and share with friends and family!

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