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Eating for Health
Monday, June 13, 2011 Blog
eating for health choosing calories

1. The Suffering of Obese People in Our Society

2. Famous Quote – Albert Einstein

3. Eggs During Pregnancy Not a Good Idea

4. Bible Verse – Matthew 5:7 

5. Vegetarians Are Healthier!

6. This Week’s Video – Kathy Freston on the Charlie Rose Show

1. The Suffering of Obese People in Our Society

John Robbins, author of “Diet for a New America”, writes a heart-warming and challenging article about the suffering and alienation obese people suffer in our society. Robbins highlights the misinformation given by physicians to people who suffer from chronic diseases, like diabetes, by not offering the choice of adopting a plant-based diet and instead prescribing medications only. While he agrees that fast food companies are indeed in part guilty of our state of health, Robbins ultimately believes the responsibility is on us. To read the article and also learn about Natala Constantine, an obese woman with many health problems, who -- by adopting a plant-based diet -- begins the journey to regain her health, please search online for Being Fat in America

Suffering is all around. In our society, people are alienated and ridiculed for their appearance, sexual orientation, race, etc., thus perpetrating a vicious cycle that only brings darkness and pain. However, humans also have the power to love and care for one another bringing much needed healing into this world. May each one of us choose to follow Christ’s teachings of compassion, mercy and love, by extending our circle of compassion to all of God’s Creation.

2. This Week’s Famous Quote

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

~ Albert Einstein

3. Eggs During Pregnancy Not a Good Idea

According to a new article in this week’s American Journal of Epidemiology egg consumption increases the risk of gestational diabetes by as much as 165 percent. Researchers analyzed two studies conducted in Washington state, the Omega Cohort Study and the Alpha Case-Control Study, and found that as egg and cholesterol intake increased, so did the risk of gestational diabetes. To learn more please search online for Eggs and Cholesterol Associated with Gestational Diabetes Risk

Animal products are not necessary for most humans. In fact, animal products are linked to many chronic diseases, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. On the other hand, well-balanced plant-based diets are healthy for every stage in life. Taking care of our bodies honors God.

4. This Week’s Bible Verse

(RSV) Matthew 5:7 

"Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

Animal agriculture is an industry that cannot possibly show mercy to animals. By the same token, anyone who supports this industry is not showing mercy to farmed animals either. Therefore, if we truly want to be obedient to God and show mercy to all creatures, adopting a plant-based diet should be a first step.

5. Vegetarians Are Healthier!

The results of a study that looked at how different dietary patterns related to the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (a cluster of disorders, including raised blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes) indicate that people who follow a plant-based diet are a third less likely to suffer heart problems, diabetes or stroke than meat eaters.

The study involved 773 members of the Seventh-day Adventist faith, a Christian denomination that places emphasis on staying healthy and limiting intake of meat. To learn more about the study please search online for Vegetarians 'have lower heart risk'

The typical Western diet --which is the choice of diet for most Christians-- is laden with animal products that contribute greatly to the high rates of many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers. However, the apostle Paul wrote that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19), and it follows that we should care for our bodies as gifts from God. I think that Faith and logic both lead us to adopt a plant-based diet in order to keep our bodies as healthy as possible; and therefore, honor God, our Creator.

6. This Week’s Video – Kathy Freston on the Charlie Rose Show

Watch this great interview with Kathy Freston on her book 'Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World' on the Charlie Rose show. Please visit and share with friends and family!.

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