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The Exploitation of God’s Animals
Monday, April 25, 2011 Blog

1. California Bill Introduced to Prohibit Sale of Shark Fins

2. Famous Quote – Cardinal John Henry Newman 1801-1890, leader of the Anglican Oxford Movement, "Father of Vatican II"

3. Chickens Show Empathy

4. Bible verse – 1 Corinthians 13:13

5. Human Logic on “Pets” and “Food”

6. This Week’s Video – Agriculture Industry Pushes Filming Ban


1. California Bill Introduced to Prohibit Sale of Shark Fins

Shark fin soup has been a cultural tradition in some places around the world, such as in China. However, a bill recently introduced in the California Legislature would ban the sale and possession of shark fins, including the serving of shark’s fin soup. This bill seeks to reduce shark finning, a brutal, bloody practice of the global trade in which the fins are typically hacked off a live shark, leaving it to die slowly as it sinks to the bottom of the sea. This is the fate that about 73 million sharks face every year. To read the article please search online for Soup Without Fins? Some Californians Simmer

California has stepped up to the challenge of reducing the suffering of God's animals and the environmental devastation this causes. Hopefully, more states will follow in order to make this world a better place for future generations.

2. Famous Quote

“Cruelty to animals is as if a man did not love God…there is something so very dreadful, so satanic in tormenting those who have never harmed us, and who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power, who have weapons neither of offence nor defense, that none but very hardened persons can endure the thought of it."

~ Cardinal John Henry Newman 1801-1890, leader of the Anglican Oxford Movement, "Father of Vatican II"

3. Chickens Show Empathy

New studies seem to indicate that chickens are capable of showing empathy or feel another's pain. Researchers were able to observe changes in behavior of hens in response to the distress of their chicks. According to these scientists, "... female birds possess at least one of the essential underpinning attributes of 'empathy', the ability to be affected by, and share, the emotional state of another." To read the full article please search online for Chickens are capable of feeling empathy, scientists believe

Chickens have their own God-given instincts and emotions that are completely ignored by the animal agriculture industry. In factory farms these creatures are forced to live under unimaginable conditions experiencing and witnessing much horror and pain. The transition to a plant-based diet helps reduce their suffering and broadens our circle of compassion.

4. Bible Verse

(RSV) 1 Corinthians 13:13

"So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

We are made in the image of God's love! We share God's essence of love with every creature, since we are all products of His/Her creativity and therefore, we all connected. We should be very careful and try, to the best of our abilities, to show love to all Creation. How is it then, than most Christians resist so dearly the fact that supporting the meat, dairy and egg industries causes unimaginable suffering to farmed animals and has nothing to do with showing love to God or farmed animals? In fact, when we cause unnecessary suffering to any of God's creatures we are not honoring the Creator.

5. Human Logic on “Pets” and “Food”

This fantastic piece by Mark Bittman, Opinion columnist for The New York Times and Times magazine’s food columnist, exposes the biased logic and morality that we apply when animal abuse takes place. While any animal considered a pet, such as dogs, cats, pigs and hamsters, are protected by laws, animals that are raised for food are left completely at the mercy of those who own them. As Bittman puts it, "... if I keep a pig as a pet, I can’t kick it. If I keep a pig I intend to sell for food, I can pretty much torture it." To read the full article please search online for Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others 

Humans are experts are making excuses for behaviors they find profitable and pleasurable, many times ignoring the great pain and suffering this causes to God's animals. Making differences in the way we treat God's animals depending on their purpose only hardens our hearts and makes us insensitive to suffering, human and non-human. On the other hand, thoughtful and mindful choices lead to compassion and love allowing us to actively participate in the reconciliation of God's Creation.

6. This Week’s Video – Agriculture Industry Pushes Filming Ban

Excellent video featuring Jane Velez-Mitchell and Sunny Hostin weighing in on bills that would ban authorized filming on industrial farms. They both cite the First Amendment and share their concerns and outrage about these bills. Please search online for Agriculture industry pushes filming ban and share with friends and family!.

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