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Monday, July 2, 2007

Are God’s Animals Included in Our Circle of Compassion?

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1. Acquittal of Esbenshade Farms owner and manager of animal cruelty charges

2. Famous quote Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 –1860), German philosopher

3. Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. Faces Pressure to Stop Selling Whale Meat

4. Bible verse Ephesians 6:4 

5. Life and Death of Chickens

6. UN Declines Protection for Two Shark Species


1. Acquittal of Esbenshade Farms owner and manager of animal cruelty charges:  Compassion Over Cruelty’s (COK) case against Pennsylvania-based Esbenshade Farms has reached a sad ending.  After reviewing the under-cover video and hearing from the defense and prosecution, Judge Jayne Duncan of the Magisterial District Court in Lancaster County acquitted the egg factory farm owner and manager of animal cruelty charges.


According to COK’s general counsel Cheryl Leahy, “If these animals had been dogs or cats, there’s little doubt this case would have resulted in a conviction. There is a clear double standard here, and that hypocrisy is troubling.”


To read the full article please visit Pennsylvania court finds that animal abuse on egg factory farm is legal


The lack of laws protecting God’s animals in spite of the abundant evidence pointing to cruel and abusive conditions in egg poultry farms is disappointing and appalling. As long as consumers keep supporting this facilities, profit will define the way egg-laying hens are treated.


2. "I know of no more beautiful prayer than that which the Hindus of old used in closing: May all that have life be delivered from suffering."
~ Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 –1860), German philosopher, from On the Basis of Morality.


3. Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. Faces Pressure to Stop Selling Whale Meat: New Jersey-based True World Foods Inc. has been contacted by the Humane Society International, the International Fund for Animal Welfare to pressure Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. to stop selling whale meat. Kyokuyo has profited from the sale of whale meat despite a global ban on commercial whaling that went into effect in 1986.


To read the full article please visit Sushi deal rubs US Animal Rights groups raw


The most effective way to stop whale hunting is to avoid consuming whale products. Making profit from the suffering of God's animals does not honor God. Christ teaches us to be compassionate and merciful to all creatures.


4. (RSV) Ephesians 6:4:  "Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."


Parents are called to raise their children around Christ's teachings. Modeling a compassionate lifestyle reflects God's love for all creatures and helps children embrace a reverence for all forms of life.


5. Life and Death of Chickens:  Gourmet magazine's June issue published an article exposing the miserable lives and deaths that chickens have in poultry farms and slaughter houses.  It tells the reader how chickens are forced to grow so fast that their bones cannot support heir own weight and how millions of birds are scalded alive.


To read the full article please visit A view to a kill 


It is good news for God's Creation every time the media exposes the inherent cruelty of raising animals for food, and in this case the unimaginable pain and terror chickens suffer for the purpose of profit and to meet the demand for chicken flesh. God calls us to be compassionate and just, and the way chickens are treated is neither. A plant-based diet is compassionate and honoring to God.


6. UN Declines Protection for Two Shark Species:  The spiny dogfish, also known as rock salmon, and the porbeagle shark failed to get protection from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). These 2 species are highly priced for their meat and fins, which feeds a multi-million dollar trade. Conservationists are disappointed at the decision that was based on profit instead of wildlife protection measures.


To read the full article please visit Sharks defeated at UN wildlife trade talks


A long as consumers choose to please their tastes instead of compassion and sustainability, God's animals exploited for food might forever disappear.

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