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Monday, February 12, 2007

Environmental Effects of the Fishing Industry

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1. President Bush signs legislation to prevent overfishing
2. Famous quote – Mahatma Gandhi
3. Sex-changing substances found in the Potomac River
4. Bible verse – Psalm 86:5
5. One third of all fish species in China’s Yellow River are lost
6. Plan to save tuna fish not effective

1. President Bush signs legislation to prevent overfishing: According to the new law signed by President George Bush, commercial fisheries are required to set conservation plans within a two-year period beginning in 2010. Moreover, President Bush’s administration said would work with other nations to try to ban destructive fishing practices such as bottom trawling, which damages very fragile marine ecosystems.

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Overfishing is causing tremendous environmental problems and pushing certain aquatic species towards extinction. The more time goes by without taking measures to reverse the damage caused to the environment, the harder it will be to make things right in God’s creation. While industrial fishing reduction is a good step toward conservation it still causes suffering and affects marine ecosystems.

The transition to a plant-based diet could help restore the environment and alleviate animal suffering in accordance to God’s love and compassion with all creatures

2. “We must be the change we wish to see.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

3. Sex-changing substances found in the Potomac River: A recent investigation in the Potomac River resulted in the finding of certain chemicals that act as endocrine disrupters affecting the fish's hormone systems. These chemicals have been found to cause birth defects and sexual abnormalities called intersex in many animal species and possibly humans as well.

Douglas Chambers, a US Geological Survey scientist who led the study, said, "We analyzed samples of 30 smallmouth bass from six sites, including male and female fish without intersex and male fish with intersex," and the USGS report published at stated: "Antibiotics were detected in municipal wastewater, aquaculture, and poultry-processing effluent, with the highest number of antibiotics and the greatest concentrations found in municipal effluent."

So far, the sources of these chemical seem to come from runoff from agricultural activities, municipal and domestic wastewater effluent (both treated and untreated), industrial wastewater, and gypsy moth control programs using dimilin (diflubenzuron).

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Human activity impacts the environment and God’s creatures. Modern agriculture, with the use of antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and others, is one of the most contaminating industries, polluting Earth’s water, soil and air; and therefore also contributing to sickness. The transition to a plant-based diet could help restore the environment, alleviate animal suffering and improve our health.

4. (RSV) Psalm 86:5 “For thou, O Lord, art good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call on thee.”

We are made in the image of a loving and forgiving God, and we are called to witness God’s love to all Creation by being forgiving, compassionate and merciful.

5. One third of all fish species in China’s Yellow River are lost: The Yellow River, China’s second largest that used to be the home for more than 150 species of fish, has lost 1/3 of them due to the construction of dams, scarce rainfalls, overfishing and pollution. Fishing has also dropped dramatically, falling 40 percent.

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It’s appalling that so many of God’s creatures are disappearing from the planet at a very rapid rate. Sadly, humanity is playing a big role since pollution and overfishing seem to be constants in the current environmental crisis. We are called to honor God’s creation and by choosing a plant-based diet we are showing compassion to God’s animals and care for the Earth.

6. Plan to save tuna fish not effective: Last Friday, dozen of countries got together with the idea to develop a plan to save tuna from being driven to extinction; however, after 5 days of meetings no set limits on the number of tuna that can be caught was decided. Conservationists have already warned that unless serious measures are taken, it might be too late to save tuna. WWF fisheries officer Katherine Short said, "The meeting has failed to deliver meaningful action."

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We are called to be good stewards of all of God’s Creation; however, the quest for profit and pleasure is driving many species of animals to extinction. While it’s not too late for many of them, some require immediate action. Our choice of diet has tremendous implications on God’s animals, our health and the environment.

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