Christian Ministries for AnimalsOntario: Thunder Bay - Pastor Hugh MacDonald
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Ontario: Thunder Bay - Pastor Hugh MacDonald

Hugh was a minister of the United Church of Canada who became increasingly aware that the Christian Church in all its denominations is blind to the real meaning of compassion. Hugh was a minister, college professor, broadcaster, and writer.

From Hugh:

Christians are encouraged by their churches to involve themselves in the struggles and needs of their fellow human beings, but no mention is made and no concern is expressed about the needless horrors of cruelty and exploitation which people inflict upon innocent and helpless creatures.

Across Northwestern Ontario (an area the size of France), I am hoping to make contact with church members who will demand that our congregations be made aware of the evils which we inflict upon our fellow creatures. The clergy should be our chief targets in bringing about this awareness.

In Thunder Bay, I hope to gather a group of concerned souls who will work through their churches to challenge fellow Christians to witness for animal rights. Through e-mails and telephone, I hope that a larger “fellowship of the humane” can be developed throughout this area, (an area which unfortunately is filled with people who promote hunting and fishing and scoff at any who believe that all life is sacred.)

I believe that Christians must witness for compassion to all creatures and must be prepared to protest publicly, loud and long, against the churches' shameful indifference to animals.

As a minister, I am prepared to do grief-counseling with families who have lost beloved pets and to conduct whatever services are requested to honour the memories of animals who were precious.

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