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One Love Animal Connection Ministry
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One Love Animal

One Love Animal Connection is about just that: Connection. The connection between people, animals, the earth, and God.

This is an online vegan church with many different services, including pet blessings, animal communication, counseling, ceremonies and more.

My goal is to guide you to a more meaningful life through use of the principles as revealed through our relationships with animals. This can be achieved many ways, through classes, individual appointments,sacred travel, videos, retreats or any means necessary!

As a Centers for Spiritual Living ministry, One Love Animal Connection exists to serve the world two unique ways to inspire and guide people to more meaningful lives by recognizing and then applying Universal Truths as revealed to us by the animal kingdom and natural world, and to serve as a resource in assisting churches, communities and individuals in creating their own animal or pet ministries, ceremonies or services.

Reverend Karen Cleveland
One Love Animal Connection Ministry
(360) 217-7484

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