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New Jump Swing
Pahoa, Hawaii

I counsel people both spiritually and for fitness and health. I minister to people who have lost pets or who have conflicts with their families about being vegan/vegetarian as well as people who need spiritual guidance in their activism for animals.

I am non denominational and available for weddings, counseling and blessings within the state of Hawaii. I live on the island of Hawaii and all inter-island or out-of-state travel is covered by individuals.

I am also the author of three books on the subjects of motivation, fitness and vegetarianism that I have used to break Guinness World Records in public speaking .

My first book, The Philosophy of Divine Nutrition (1977), was the basis for my doctoral thesis on the subject of Metaphysical Philosophy at the Tree of Life School located in New York. This book also served as the outlined text of my Guinness Book World Record for the world's longest sermon on September 18-22, 1978 for 93 hours.

The premise of this philosophy is that every religious text has instructions on health, longevity and nutrition and that an analysis and synthesis of this advise is the basis for my concept of Divine Nutrition.

The total "PDN program" is an internal martial art based upon the concepts of Jeet Kune Do developed by the late Bruce Lee.

In addition to my Sermon record, I also hold two world records in after-dinner speaking, both of which were based on my book on motivation, fitness and herbal sports nutrition, titled "The Way of PDN - The Ultimate Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition Program" (1986). The longest after-dinner speech of 32 hours and 25 minutes is the one that I did starting on Good Friday and ending on Easter Sunday. The sermon subject was "Philosophy of Divine Nutrition." The after dinner speech was Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition.

I am listed in the 1986 and 1987 Guinness Books for speaking on the subject "The history of herbs in maintaining physical fitness" for 19 hours and 20 minutes. And I am included with a photograph in the 1989 Guinness Book for speaking on the subject "Vegetarian Athletic Nutrition."

Contact Information

Donald "Spiderman" Thomas
New Jump Swing
P.O. Box 1442
Pahoa, HI 96778
(808) 345-6538

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