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Rev Dina Ann Miani Lauman

Rev. Dina Ann Miani Lauman
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I am a progressive Christian pastor who loves animals, the Earth, and healthy eating. Like most children, I loved animals as a kid. Along the way, this love for animals progressed to veganism. Once my eyes were opened, I experienced a heightened awareness of the cruelty to animals, degradation to the Earth, and health issues inherent in animal agriculture.

I thought that once people learned about a lifestyle that was kind to other sentient beings, to our planet, and to themselves, that this would be an easy sell. It wasn't. Instead, many times, I experienced push back, ridicule, and hostility in my attempts to share what I was discovering.

This was especially disappointing when it came to other Christians and Christian leaders who were resistant to veganism. Christians follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the champion of love and compassion. They also are to abide by the Ten Commandments, one of which is against killing. The compartmentalization required to be a Christian eating and using animals is baffling.

There was no going back for me as a vegan Christian: no unlearning what I learned, no unseeing what I saw, no unhearing what I heard. My heart, mind, and worldview were changed.

The incongruence experienced in those around me was isolating and unsettling. I longed for the companionship of like-minded Christians who shared vegan values. I hungered to be among others who are courageously disrupting the status quo. I thirsted to be part of a benevolent force bringing peace, love, and compassion to all earthlings, to the Earth, and to humanity.

I looked for other vegan pastors and churches who shared these values, and had a hard time finding them. So I decided that I would create what I sought. I am a vegan Christian pastor offering my services to you through a community I call the WellBeing. If you are intrigued, check us out at the link below my photo.

I am honored to be among you, other vegan Christians and spiritual people, here in this great group!

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