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Unity of Boulder
Boulder, CO

Unity is a Christian movement that was founded in the late 1800s by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, both Vegetarians in a time when people in the United States scarcely even knew what that meant. They where pioneers in spirituality and pioneers in how a cruelty free diet facilitates your spiritual growth.

Today Unity of Boulder supports their early efforts by sharing a message of oneness with all life and kinship with all creation. A Vegetarian/Vegan diet is not mandatory in our church nor do we try to make anyone feel bad for they way they eat. We recognize it to be a spiritual choice that naturally comes about when each person is ready.

About Shad Groverland, Minister:

I adopted a Vegetarian diet at age 12, after hearing my father (also a Unity Minister) give a sermon about our oneness with animals and how what we eat, affects who we are. Since that age I began to study diet and spirituality on my own. In 2012 I met my wife Erinna, who is Vegan, and she inspired me to also be Vegan. In 2016 I was ordained as a Unity Minister and after ministering in Las Vegas for several years, I moved back to my home town to Minister at Unity of Boulder. Now I co-minister this church with my sister and Erinna is our Music Director.

Shad Groverland
Unity of Boulder
2855 Folsom Street Boulder
CO 80304

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