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St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church
Toronto Canada

Fr Donatello Iocco is the pastor of St. Ambrose Roman Catholic in Toronto Canada. Fr Donatello is vegan and strives to preach on the importance of veganism and how as Christians we are called to live a life of compassion and mercy with every living being who God created.

Though many of the members are non-vegan Fr Donatello has and continues to screen vegan documentaries that promote and educate people about veganism.

He is currently organizing a parish vegan group called Honouring God's Creation where vegans and non-vegans are welcomed to learn more about how Christianity and veganism go hand in hand. Also this group will provide support and guide for any who are interested in changing the world by living a peaceful vegan lifestyle.

The church bulletin always has a vegan message about going vegan and websites to help with the transition. In addition, we also write up easy vegan recipes that many can follow. We received a good response from parishioners who have tried the recipes!

We will also keep up to date with new progress in the vegan movement and Christian circles, plan and support animal advocacy events, volunteer and or visit farmed animal sanctuaries. This group will meet once or twice a month.

Fr Donatello Iocco
St. Ambrose Roman Catholic Church
782 Browns Line
Etobicoke, Ontario Canada M8W 3W2
(416) 251-8282

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