All Creatures Here BelowAll Creatures Here Below - A book about souls and spirits of animals

One of the books in the "Let's Study God's Word Together" series with: Frank L. Hoffman
This Biblical study book seeks to answer the question, "Do animals have souls and spirits?"

All Creatures Here Below
Chapter 8 - Some Personal Thoughts

When I began this work, I had no real idea what I was going to find.  I did, however, have an idea, and perhaps even a belief, that animals did have souls and spirits , but I wasn't completely sure.

I find myself absolutely enriched by what God's Word has revealed.   I feel that a whole new dimension has been opened to me, and I also pray it has been opened to others as well.

We take so many of God's creations for granted.  We just sort of accept their existence as having always been there and that they will always remain.   We don't usually even wonder about them, or where they came from, or why, or for what purpose.  I can no longer do that.  His creations are too marvelous to behold!

When I began this study in 1984, my wife and I were fairly much vegetarians out of a sense of compassion.  We didn't want animals to die on our account, but the total elimination and animal products from our lives didn't equate to our conviction of not killing for food.  Since the completion of this study, we have become vegans.  We have dedicated ourselves to speak for those who can't speak for themselves, and to stop their exploitation and inhumane treatment.  All of God's creatures have rights, just as we do.

As a word of caution and encouragement:

  • Do not put God in a box of your own thinking.  That will confine His wonders from your awareness.

  • Let His every word penetrate your deepest parts.

  • Pray over anything that you don't understand.

  • Open your mind and heart to His answers.

If the things that I have written about also speak to you, praise the Lord.  If these things trouble you, pray through them.  If, in your heart, I am wrong, forgive me.  If you believe that I am correct, then glorify the Lord, for this work was done for His glory and not my own.  Praise His Holy Name!

Through unconditional love and compassion towards all of God's creation, we can change the world, and bring a touch of heaven here to earth.  Amen.

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