All Creatures Here BelowAll Creatures Here Below - A book about souls and spirits of animals

One of the books in the "Let's Study God's Word Together" series with: Frank L. Hoffman
This Biblical study book seeks to answer the question, "Do animals have souls and spirits?"

All Creatures Here Below

The study before us, "All Creatures Here Below", takes a look at God's original intent, and His conditions of creation for both man and beast (all other animals), as presented to us in the Bible. We will also look at the transcribed thoughts of others, and their interpretation of Scripture.

In addition to the original creation intent of God, we will take a look at His original intent concerning the eating of meat. We will look to see if animals have souls and spirits, as do humans. We will look at the position of human beings, and that of the animals in God's over all plan. We will look at the Fall (the time when Adam and Eve sinned against God), and the times before and after the Flood; and we will look at the changes these occurrences brought about for us today, and briefly delve into their causes. But most importantly, we will look at God's relationship with animals.

The use of the word "man" in the content of this writing refers to the created human being of God, both male and female.

All Scripture quoted in this work are from the New American Standard Version translation, unless otherwise noted.

Reference is also made to many commentaries of others, with portions of their work included for the enrichment of this study without having to look them up separately.

I pray that the contents of this study will bring as much, or even more joy to your heart, as it did to me as I was writing it. And I suppose that some people will not accept my conclusions, and not receive the same joy that I did, and that's all right, too, for God has given each and every one of us a free will to decide for ourselves what we will believe. He has also given us the free will to love; to love the Lord our God, and to love ourselves, and to love each other, and to love all of His creation. And it is in this love that we will go forward in this study.

The contents and conclusions I came to are based on what I see and believe is contained in God's holy word, the Bible. I am quite comfortable with the fact that I let God's word speak for itself. If you disagree, see through it to God and His love, and let His love speak to your heart. This is all that really matters anyway.

Your comments on this work will be very much appreciated.

God bless you all,
Frank L. Hoffman

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