Rescued, Former 'Carriage' Horses Need Your Help
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FROM Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
August 2020

Rescued from the abusive carriage horse industry, Bobby II Freedom and Dolly are now suffering from injuries caused by their mistreatment. Donations needed for their care...

[NOTE from All-Creatures: We want to see an end to ALL horse-drawn carriages. And, we need to take care of the horses who have been and will be 'retired.']

[September 1 - GOOD NEWS UPDATE: On behalf of Equine Advocates' Bobby II Freedom and Dolly, I wish to thank all of you who donated to help them with their medical expenses. Thanks so much for answering this plea. I've been informed by Equine Advocates that they raised enough money to pay for MRIs for these two beloved horses and will be making the trip to their Vet on Tuesday, September 1st. Both of them have hoof/limping issues. We are all hoping that the MRI will reveal the issues and inform treatment. ]

former carriage Horses

Bobby and Dolly are two beloved rescued horses living at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary in Chatham, NY. They both have lameness/hoof issues and are in need of an MRI - an expensive life saving procedure.

As many of you know, veterinary expenses are costly - a lot for a dog or cat - but significantly more for an equine. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the fund raising capabilities of many charities but their needs are still there.

Please read the appeal below by Susan Wagner, EA's founder and president. Susan describes how Bobby's issues stem from his time on the streets of NYC and how Dolly's hoof issues just began.


​Two of the most beloved rescued horses at Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary are former New York City carriage horse, Bobby II Freedom and former Amish Work Horse, Dolly. Both are in desperate need of life-saving MRIís in order to determine and then treat the issues that are causing lameness in both of them. These two horses are among the nicest and most wonderful equines I have ever been around since I started ​​this organization back in 1996.

After Equine Advocates and the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages jointly rescued Bobby from slaughter in 2010, we sent him for an MRI as he had sustained injuries during his time pounding the pavement in NYC that had caused him to become severely lame. At the time, it was discovered through the MRI that he had torn flexor tendons. Our farrier was able to fit him with special shoes that alleviated the pain he was experiencing, knowing that he also had other foot issues that would get worse over time -- and that is exactly what has happened. His vet is also an equine podiatrist and one of the best in the country. However, due to the location where Bobbyís lameness is originating, which is in his hoof capsule, regular x-rays and ultra-sounds cannot show exactly what the problem is. An MRI would, which is why we need to send him for one as soon as possible.

Dolly recently became lame and like Bobby, her problem is also occurring within her hoof capsule. This is why she also requires an MRI so that our vet can identify and then treat her accordingly in order to alleviate the pain that is causing her to be unsound. Unlike Bobby, Dolly has never before had a problem and she has never even been sick. Her lameness came on suddenly, but our veterinarian cannot treat her if he does not know exactly what is causing the problem.

Unfortunately, MRIís are very expensive which is why I am reaching out to the people I know who care in order to help raise the funding for Bobby and Dolly.

We need to raise a total of $6,000 so that both of them can have an MRI.

Thank you so much for caring. Please help by donating what you can. It will be so appreciated. You may do so by donating to EquineAdvocates.

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