Do Individual Wolves Care If Their Species Is On the Brink?
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FROM Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today / Animal Emotions
November 9, 2020

We need to treat our new neighbors with respect and dignity because in fact, we are the intruders who can do whatever we like to these magnificent beings. Their very lives rest in our hands and hearts. We are that powerful.

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The state of wolves in Colorado raises many important questions about our relationships with other nature: Who lives, who dies, and why

Two emails hit any inbox almost simultaneously about three hours ago. The first message was about an essay by Emily Pontecorvo called "Colorado voted to bring back wolves. Why was the race so close?" that focused on "Proposition 114, a historic measure that would require Colorado officials to restore and manage gray wolf populations in the western portion of the state."

In Ms. Pontecorvo's piece we read, "while a 2019 survey of Colorado voters indicated overwhelming support for the initiative, with 84 percent of respondents saying they would vote in favor of it, the results show a different story. As of Friday afternoon, the state election site was reporting a 50-49 split, with a little more than 33,000 votes tipping the odds pro-wolf"....



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