The Suffering of India’s Camels
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October 2019

50,000 Camels are brought yearly to a 'festival' in Pashkar...after being brutalized and overworked year round.

injured Camel Hump
Camel with painful hump injury; note the metal nose peg used to control the animals that often become infected...

Camels across India are used for intense and tiring work, including transporting goods, pulling heavy carts, and giving rides to tourists.

These camels commonly endure horrific injuries: handlers often push metal pegs through camels’ noses to control them, and in the sun this metal heats up, burning their flesh and leaving them at constant risk of infection. Additionally, the weights packed onto camels’ backs from rides and carriages can cause painful wounds, which often go untreated.

Just a few of the 50,000 camels at this 'festival'

At least 50,000 camels are taken to the small desert town of Pushkar in North India for the annual camel fair, with many of them suffering from difficult working conditions and horrific injuries. The fair has become a hotspot for as many as 2,000 tourists, with many visiting to partake in camel riding.

Camel riders

Carriage Camels

We spent three days at Pushkar Camel Fair documenting the camels - from camel performances to camel riding.

We were also incredibly honoured to document the amazing work that the organisation, Help in Suffering, do to relieve the pain of some of these most overworked animals in the world.

The organisation send their team of vets and animal carers to the fair every year, offering free treatment and advice to camel owners in order to help alleviate some of the suffering that these camels endure.

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