Gregory's Wonderful Retirement
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February 2020

Retired after being used for nicotine experiments by the FDA, Gregory is enjoying a wonderful retirement at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary.

Remember the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) baby monkey addiction tests?

FDA pumped nicotine into Gregory's veins for years. You paid $5.5 million in taxes.

baby monkey nicotine

Well, earlier this week, at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary I attended Gregory's official retirement ceremony, where he and 26 of his survivor friends were retired following WCW's historic campaign!

As I witnessed Gregory's ribbon-cutting ceremony, the FDA also enacted its first-ever policy to allow retirement of 2,000+ lab survivors across the agency... instead of just killing them as they've always done in the past!

"With the FDA's decision and how smoothly it went getting the monkeys here, we are hoping it sets the standard," WCW's Goodman said. "That's why we pushed so hard to get the FDA to adopt a policy so we can see these happy endings again."

Squirrel Monkey

All of the monkeys released from the study are between four and nine years old and they are expected to live to around 20 years of age at Jungle Friends, the average age for squirrel monkeys in the wild. The monkeys have so far showed no signs of long-term damage from the study.

"It's like they've always been here," Goodman said. "They're acting like monkeys, they're back to their wild nature."

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