“Dropped Dead – Rupture of Stomach Wall”; “Severe Laminitis – Pedal Bone Pushed Through Sole”
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March 2020

A few of the catastrophic injuries to horses forced to race...

Through a FOIA request to the California Horse Racing Board, I have obtained the following information regarding racehorses killed at California tracks in 2019. Due to the volume, I will be posting incrementally.

  • unidentified 2-year-old, Aug 7, Los Alamitos T (euthanized Sep 7) – “laminitis [after] slab fracture [that was] held in place by a screw”
  • unidentified 3-year-old, Aug 14, Los Alamitos S – “severe, chronic (10 days) colitis; laminitis with sloughed hoof”
  • Always Checking, Aug 17, Los Alamitos R – “locked up during race, fell, could not rise – catastrophic fractures of [multiple] vertebrae, massive hemorrhage, significant compression of spinal cord”
  • unidentified 3-year-old, Aug 24, Los Alamitos T – “worked yesterday, walked on walker this morning, came off and dropped dead – rupture of stomach wall”



  • unidentified 4-year-old, Aug 29, Los Alamitos S – “post-surgical severe laminitis; pedal bone pushed through sole”
  • Da One Two Special, Sep 1, Los Alamitos R – “open, comminuted, displaced fracture of radius; extensive pieces of bone missing”; “gastric ulcers”

multiple fractures

  • Free Ricky, Sep 7, Los Alamitos R (euthanized Sep 8) – “[multiple] fractures, complete rupture of suspensory apparatus”
This is horseracing...

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