Bears are brutally beaten to perform stupid tricks
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FROM Bryan Monell
October 2019

All Bears are brutally beaten to perform stupid tricks in circuses.

circus bear
A 660-pound bear turned on his handler during a 'performance' in a Russian circus...

Bears are brutally beaten to perform stupid tricks in circuses.

I'll never forget the time I was working undercover in the elephant department at the Carson and Batnes circus. We were also touring with a Russian couple and two Brown Bears from the Moscow circus.

The Bears were always muzzled with tight leather straps. We routinely saw them get hit whipped and jerked around by their trainers, a Russian couple.

One day while the Bears and trainers were waiting to go inside the tent for their act during the 4:30 performance the larger Bear realized the male trainer wasn't paying attention. He turned around quickly and swatted the guy to the ground then lept on him and tried to maul the guy, bloodied the guy's face and arms. The other Russian quickly pulled the Bear off of the guy who was cursing. The whole mauling lasted less than 30 seconds then the Bears were jerked around and taken back to their tiny barren cages, no doubt to have the shit beaten out of them.

But what I particularly remember was my boss Tim Frisco's response to it. He laughed and said "Good it's about time. Those sadistic assholes had it coming."

Everyone in the elephant department was cheering on the Bear. We all felt bad for them. Some of you may remember Tim Frisco is a notorious Elephant beater who can be downright sadistic himself, beating Elephants with bullhooks, baseball bats, fists and shocking them with electric prods.

When Tim Frisco thinks another animal trainer is sadistic and cruel you know those Bears were living in hell.

The only way to end animal abuse in the circus is to ban animals in the circus.

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