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July 2020

Ervin took off running with an empty carriage near his barn on Sunday night was then injured and was euthanized.

carriage horse Ervin
Video appeared to show a runaway horse trotting with an empty carriage.

Charleston city officials confirmed they are investigating a video appearing to show a runaway horse trotting with an empty carriage downtown. Old South Carriage Company said the horse later passed away after sustaining injuries during the incident.

In the video, provided by Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates, the animal can be seen moving down one street and turning down another while being chased by a golf cart and one person.

After about 30 seconds into the clip, the horse is blocked in and caught by those in pursuit.

The incident happened Sunday night in the area of Laurens and Anson Streets, according to Charleston Carriage Horse Advocates.

On Monday, officials told ABC News 4 that the City of Charleston’s Department of Livability and Tourism has an “active investigation” into the video

carriage horse Ervin
Ervin's wounds were treated but then he was euthanized...

The Post and Courier reports:

A draft horse for the Old South Carriage Co. was euthanized after he tore down the street while dragging an empty carriage.

According to the carriage company, the horse, named Ervin, “took off running” with an empty carriage near his barn on Sunday night. He had been with the company since 2018, a news release said.

The incident, some of which was captured on video, injured the horse’s legs. The company said Ervin was seen by a veterinarian and was on the way to a surgical center when collaborating veterinarians determined surgery would not be an option.

Company officials will assess their procedures and protocol in light of Ervin’s death, according to the release.

In the video, recorded by an onlooker and provided to the Charleston Animal Society, the carriage operator on foot and a person riding in a golf cart chase after the horse, which is seen a few moments later down a street and freed from his carriage. The horse appears to be favoring one leg after the carriage is stopped.

Ervin’s injury and death is “under active investigation” by officers with the city’s Department of Livability and Tourism, city of Charleston spokesman Jack O’Toole said.

“The video and photos show a bleeding and terrified horse. This must not be ignored and we urge the City of Charleston to conduct a full investigation,” Joe Elmore, president of the Charleston Animal Society, said in a Monday night statement.

“These images raise more questions about the enterprise of using horses in an urban environment,” he said.

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